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Nutritional Q&A 17

By Marcus | In Nutrition | on March 19, 2014

Today’s question comes courtesy of Paul, who is wondering how to transition from the Nutrition Challenge:

Now that the nutrition challenge is done, what about the pre and post workout meals that were part of whole 30? It seems like taking those out would leave a pretty large calorie deficit on days we work out. Should we just be spreading those calories around the other meals by trying to eat a bit more with each?

Rather than spreading the calories around, why would you even phase out the pre- and pos t-workout meals? The need for solid nutrition to boost performance and recovery doesn’t end when your Whole30 does. If you find that you tolerate dairy, you might make use of whey protein for post-workout instead of worrying about bringing in solid food. However, those good habits and improved nutrition concepts aren’t unique to the Whole30.

Instead of calorie deficits, the typical problem comes from people reverting to nutritionally deficient non-W30 foods that they felt they were “denied” for the duration of the challenge. While one may find they tolerate rice, corn or even bread, it’s far too easy to start pushing out more nutritionally dense foods for these items. Be mindful that either something needs to be displaced or you will enter a caloric surplus and induce weight gain. When choosing what to displace, it can be quite easy to revert to the “Standard American Diet”, which comes with a host of problems.

Again, thanks for the question, and please keep them coming!

WOD 03.19.14

Bench Press 3×5

Odd Minutes: 10 Box Jumps (28/24″)
Even Minutes: 15 Wall Ball Shots* (20/14)

* – those signed up for the CF Open will have a substitute for this movement

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