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Once an Athlete…

By admin | In Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Rest Day | on December 24, 2013
Ilya demonstrating his mobility

Ilya demonstrating his mobility

During the weightlifting seminar last week, Ilya Ilyin, one of the world’s best lifters today, answered a question about resting after a major competition like the Olympics or World’s.  He said he takes a break from weightlifting, but he’s never “not an athlete.”  He still makes time to row, swim, run, and play sports.  While he was specifically talking in the context of a professional athlete’s training, I feel this mindset applies to everyone in our gym.

At Intrepid, everyone who comes in and dedicates themselves to the pursuit of health and wellness is an athlete.  Notice I didn’t just say fitness.  To me, wellness encompasses fitness, strength, proper nutrition, recovery, and a balanced lifestyle.  Whether you are at the gym, work, home, or vacation, you should be on the road towards wellness.

Does this mean you need to be eating 100% clean, working out an hour, mobilizing/stretching 30 minutes, and sleeping 9 hours each day?   (Somewhere, Marcus is nodding emphatically)   I think very few people other than professional athletes are able to adopt that lifestyle without burning out.  But you should keep your eye on the finish line and run towards it, even if it’s not a beeline.

Start by consciously doing 3 things daily that will make you a better athlete.  Each thing can be small at first, such as: eat breakfast, roll one body part, omit bread/ pasta/sugar from dinner, or come to the gym.  Then graduate them to larger things: eat clean (all meals), roll 15 minutes after CrossFit class, or going to bed by 10pm.  Even if you find yourself on a more circuitous path towards wellness, still do three things daily.  Live like an athlete and your results both in the gym and outside will reflect it.

REST DAY 12.24.13

Do three things that will better your health and wellness.

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