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Paleo as a Template

By Marcus | In Nutrition | on June 17, 2012

After people do a Whole30, or are otherwise introduced to a Paleo way of eating, they often get confused when they see someone else saying they eat Paleo + fill in the blank. Granted, certain options like Michelle’s Paleo + cookies are more of a cheat indulgence, but what about dairy or perhaps legumes?

In case you’ve missed it in any of my previous nutrition posts, we heartily encourage you to practice a strict elimination a la Whole30, then experiment by reintroducing certain foods to see how your body reacts to them. For example, if you really loved dairy pre-Whole30, try to introduce small amounts of the more benign items (grass-fed butter) before jumping to probably the most antagonistic (industrialized mass-market milk). See my past post for a full list. With patience, you should be able to narrow down what foods cause you any heartache, figurative or literal, and adjust your diet appropriately.

Certain people, especially those with autoimmune diseases, may have to be stricter than others and eliminate nightshades or even eggs. This isn’t within our normal realm of Whole30 recommendations, but it bears mention for those that may be affected. Assuming the grains, sugars, processed foods and dairy have been removed, if symptoms still remain, the nightshades and/or eggs may be the final stones to turn over.

Chris Kresser ran a post talking about the variations within the Paleo diet realm, since there seems to be quite a bit of controversy over titles. Referring to Paleo as a “template” may be the best way to avoid confusion for those who expect a concrete set of rules.


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