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PR Saturday

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on September 15, 2012


Well folks it is time for PR Saturday again. I hope everybody had a fantastic week. Let’s get to it. Monday classes opened up with bench press and a 5 round WOD. Cristina and Kevin E. both completed 5 reps at 98lbs and 155lbs. The workout was 5 rounds of 3 snatches, 6 box jumps, and 9 chest to bar pull-ups. Jon snatched at 135lbs and finished the workout in 10:37. Cherie used 58lbs and finished in 9:48.
Normally when we work on our clean and jerk the first part of the movement is a standard squat clean. Seeing that the WOD had 50 pistols in it, the lift was modified to a power clean so leg stamina could be saved. Kyle and Patrick both hit new PRs at 160lbs. Sara was able to power clean and jerk 2 reps at 93lbs. The WOD was any which way of 100 kettlebell snatches, 50 pistols, and 200 dubs. Most athletes broke it out into 5 rounds of 20 kb snatches, 10 pistols and 40 dubs. Alice T. did pistols for the first time using a 18 inch box. She and Marcus had a long debate about which box to use. We’ll just say that Marcus won.
Wednesday’s lift was the back squat. Although no new PRs were set for the lift there were plenty of great numbers written on the board. The conditioning part of class saw a 4 round WOD of 5 heavy dead lifts, 7 handstand pushups, and a 240m run. Avelyne completed the WOD in 9:55. She used 155lbs for the dead lift. Lisa and Michelle (WOD Killa) both used 135lbs and crushed the workout. Mike H. used 205lbs for the dead lift and seemed to move quickly. He finished in 7:22.
Thursday started with rolling of the shoulders and glutes. After 15-20 minutes of solid stretching athletes had the opportunity to work on their toes to bar and rope climbing. Nathania, Vik, and Scott B. all did their first rope climb. Nicely done!
Friday’s lift was the overhead squat. The goal was to successfully squat 2 reps. Mark ended his set at 115lbs. Chris G. set a new 2 rep PR at 95lbs. Holley was able to complete 1 rep at 118lbs. The WOD that followed was a partner workout. Partner A started with 3 rounds of a 250m row and 1 rope climb. Partner B did 3 rounds of 10 toes to bar and 10 overhead lunges. Once they finished they would then switch. The clock stopped when both athletes finished both workouts. From what I observed, Alia and Tina worked well together. Pat and Sean teamed up and flew through this workout.
Post any PRs that I may have missed.
WOD 09.15.12
Move Heavy Things
In teams of 3-4
5 minute stations-
Tire Rolls

2 Comments to "PR Saturday"

  • Ning says:

    September 15, 2012 at 7:23 AM -

    Prowler and yoke are my favorite! I feel so bad that I have to miss this workout =D

  • Alice T. says:

    September 15, 2012 at 12:09 PM -

    Well put, Jake. It’s a safe bet that Marcus will win any “debates” I may have with him in the future.

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