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PR Saturday & In the News

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on July 21, 2012

Happy Saturday! I don’t know how everyone else is feeling, but I’m pretty beat from this past week. To top off another solid week of performance we are rewarded by getting the opportunity to do Fight Gone Bad today. You will all be in for a treat!

We started the week off with back squats, an AMRAP, and 1 lap for time. Mark from AM class squatted a heavy set of 280lbs for 3 reps. Our resident Chef knocked out a 3×5 set at 210lbs. Scott has been working very hard on his technique and it is paying off. He set a new 3 rep max at 300lbs! The AMRAP 5 consisted of 1 box jump, 1 toes to bar, 2 box jumps, 2 toes to bar…etc. Cristina, Shelley, and Anna each got into the round of 8’s. Celina, Avelyne, and Holley worked quickly to get into the round of 9’s. Tyler, Nate, and Troy flew through this WOD to get into the 10th round. James ran an incredible 1:39 around the block with Tyler nipping at his heals at 1:40. Tami used that running experience and did the lap in 2:01.

Tuesday was a rare triple lift day.  Press, Cleans, and RDLs were the lifts for that day. Alia was able to clean 103lbs. That is especially awesome because that is her post surgery PR! Way to bounce back, Alia! Anna cleaned a set of 3 at 123lbs. That is something she has not accomplished before. Scott, during his warm ups, did his first 2 strict chin ups.

Wednesday we had the chance to work on weighted pull ups. A while back we did the same movement but it was for a 1 rep max. This time around we had to work up to 2 reps. The WOD that followed an AMRAP 15 of 30 dubs, 25 sit-ups, 20 burpees, and 15 pull ups. Some athletes did this exact same work out back on 6/20. If you happened to have done it then the athlete would take the rounds and reps completed the first time around and do the same amount of work and hopefully finish faster then15 minutes. Paul K. knocked out pull ups at body weight. Francis and Jeremiah did pull-ups at body weight plus 5lbs. Athletes who did the AMRAP 15 for the first time felt first hand that this was no easy task. Tina finished 2 rounds and 6 burpees. Holley tore through this WOD with 4 rounds and 28 dubs. Mike H. had to do 4 rounds and 1 dub and he beat the time cap by finishing in 12:20. This WOD was definitely a sweatfest.  Don’t forget Amanda who due to an injured shoulder took the opportunity to test her max height box jump and ended up leaping to an amazing 30″ from a standing position without any momentum.  Nice work!

Thursday was a good old fashioned roll fest. The first half of the class was dedicated to rolling out the lower body. For the rest of class we had free time. Nate used his time to work on bar muscle ups and after a couple of attempts he nailed one (Jake also got his first bar muscle up as well!). Well done.

Friday’s lift was dead lift. Celina was able to hit a 1×5 set at 185lbs. James completed his set at 330lbs. The WOD had a 15 min cap for most classes and it was a partner work out with both partners working at the same time.

4 Rounds for Time:
5 hang power snatch / 5 squat jumps
7 hang power cleans / 7 broad jumps
9 thrusters / 30 yd bear crawl

Shelley and Alia finished the WOD in 14:40. Tom D. and Patrick finished in 14:39. Josh and Gonzo flew in 12:16.

Post any PRs that I may have missed.

~In The News~

In this occaisonal segment I’ll post relevant current news stories and events for light reading over the weekend. Enjoy.

  • New research goes so far to say that lack of physical activity kills just as many as smoking.  Interesting summery of the paper here with links to the original here.
  • Researchers at the University of Montreal and Saint Justine Mother and Child University Hospital conducted a world-first study and found that every hour a two to four year old child watches television contributes to his or her waist circumference by the end of 4th grade and his or her skill in sports.  Check out the entire write up here.
  • New study reveals why American tomatoes lack flavor.  See the NY Times article here.  Just another reason to understand some of the underlying reasons behind GMOs.
  • An interesting recap of a study shedding light into why exercise is so important for Type II diabetics.  Full article here.
  • In the spirit of our Paleolithic ancestors, researchers say they might understand why Neanderthals’ right arms were almost 50% larger than their left.  Check out the write up here.
  • The nation is in the midst of a sever drought, and NPR discusses some of other ramifications besides higher food prices and food shortages.  Corn shortages may impact meat prices as well as fuel prices.  Full write-up is here.

WOD 7.21.12

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Sets, perform 1 minute at each station for max reps/calories:
Row (calories)
Box Jumps
Push Press (75/45)
Ball Slams
Wallball Shots
Rest 1 minute

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