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PRs In and Out the Gym

By Jake | In Events and Announcements | on November 3, 2012

Morning folks! I hope everyone has had a great week. Once again we had another PR filled week which has also carried over to this weekend. Let’s get started.

Our first PR comes from Tom D. If you haven’t noticed he’s been missing in the gym.  No, he didn’t quit  Intrepid; he is actually stuck in Washington D.C. due to Hurricane Sandy. Tom recently competed in a marathon out there and in record time. With a PR of 3 hours and 44 minutes he never hit the “wall” and felt strong the entire 26.2 miles. Great job Tom! We hope you make it back home safely.

The next PR(s) will actually be set tomorrow. Mike and Stephanie, from the 7pm class, will be taking part in their first triathlon ever. I somehow got sucked into competing with them. This will also be my first triathlon as well. The event will be held at Cal State Dominguez Hills and will be a reverse sprint. It consists of a 5k run, 12 mile bike, and a 150 meter swim. The standard triathlons are longer and start with the swim first. I have a feeling that all 3 of us will do well.

Monday started off with a two part lift. Athletes would clean the weight and then perform 2 front squats. On the board no one set a PR with their weight but some impressive numbers were still up there. Tina got her set up to 123lbs and Chris W. and Tyler both got up to 225lbs. The WOD was 4 rounds of 5 shoulder to overhead, 10 burpees, and 15 dubs. The shoulder to overhead was supposed to be 75% of the individual’s body weight. Cherie smoked the WOD in 6:23 using 73lbs. Dan finished in 6:07 and he used 130lbs.

Tuesday’s workout was a team WOD. Teams of 2-4 were assembled to do the “deck of cards” workout. As a team athletes would first row 2k and then would flip the cards. Hearts were box jumps, spades were squats, diamonds were the dreaded kettlebell swing, and clubs were sit-ups. The number on the card would represent the reps athletes would need to complete. The face cards were worth 10 reps and the Ace was 11 reps. Shelley and Avelyne were paired up and they finished in 31:35. Mike, Anna, and Josh finished the workout in 24:55. The team of Gerry, Jeremiah, and Tom finished in 28:27.

The lift on Wednesday was the dead lift. That day also happened to be Halloween so athletes were in costume! It made for a very entertaining class. Captain America (Francis) set a new PR of 250lbs. The Hamburgler (Paul K.) used 220lbs for his PR. David Villa (Pooja) knocked out 3 reps at 143lbs. The WOD was 3 rounds of 10 overhead squats and 10 pull-ups. Brian finished in a quick time of 2:20. He seemed to have no problem with the OH squats. Ning finished in 5:27 and used 45lbs.

Thursday mainly consisted of ring work. Athletes worked on inversions, front levers, skin the cat, and back levers. For some athletes this was their first time working on those movements. Neil happened to set a PR on his hang power snatch. He had a PR of 100lbs.

We ended the week with a double lift. The lifts were bench press and back squat. Neil again set a PR, but this time on the bench press. He completed his final lift at 175lbs for 3 reps. Sean worked on his shoulder press and happened to set a PR at 175lbs. Avelyne knocked out 3 reps at 130lbs. In the PM classes we had 3 PR’s. Holley and Stephanie got their bench press up to 133lbs and 130lbs for 1 rep a piece. Kathy ended the day with a PR on her back squat. She completed 3 reps at 113lbs.

WOD 11.03.12

3 Rounds

  • 10 Clean and Jerks
  • Run 400 meters

C/O Yoke walk skill work

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