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Reminder- 2013 Crossfit Open

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on January 26, 2013


As mentioned by Sean in his previous post, the registration date for the 2013 Crossfit Open is fast approaching. In fact, registration will be this Wednesday, January 30th.  We had a nice turn out last year with a handful of athletes participating in the Open workouts. It would be great to have even more athletes sign up this year. You can expect to have one workout a week for a five week period that will last from March 6th through April 7th. Past WODs have included AMRAP burpees in 7 minutes, finding a 1 rep max power clean in 10 minutes, and one grueling AMRAP 45 minutes of 30 kb swings, 30 burpees and a 400 meter run. It will definitely be interesting to see what WODs they come up with for this year’s Open. It will only be $20 to sign up and I encourage those folks who are interested. With the live scoring feature you will be able to compare your scores against other athletes in the region. Just remember 4 more days until registration opens.

PR time…

Monday began with the overhead squat. We had Andrea PR twice on her lift. The first was at 65lbs and she immediately pushed herself to try 70lbs which she was able to do for both reps. From the noon class we had Anna knock out both her reps at 118lbs. Tyler worked well into the 200lb range and completed his last set at 215lbs. Jon and James worked on their front squats and had PRs at 305lbs and 215lbs. Holley finished off the day with 123lbs on her overhead squat. The WOD was 2 rounds of 1 minute stations of manmakers, box jumps, pull-ups, ball slams, and row. Once the workout was done athletes tallied up their total reps completed.

On Tuesday we worked on the clean and jerk. Once athletes found a challenging weight they would continue to use that weight for the entire 3×2 set. Kevin R. had a major PR by increasing his weight by 30lbs. His entire set was done at 275lbs. The workout was a leg burner as we did 12 Curtis P’s, 240m run, 10 Curtis P’s, 240m run, 8 Curtis P’s , and a 240m run. Curtis P is 1 power clean followed by a right and left lunge and finishes with a push press. This WOD lasted anywhere from 9:00-16:00.

Bench press was on Wednesday. Andrea got her set up to 60lbs for her 3×3 set. Brendan was able to PR at 180lbs. The workout was 3 rounds of 20 kettle bell snatches, 20 push-ups, and 20 air squats. Mark used a 44lb kettle bell and finished the workout in 8:35. Scott L. wasn’t too far behind as he completed the WOD in 8:42. Brian had a nice time of 5:35 while using the 70lb kettle bell.

For skills day the class started out on mobility and recovery of the shoulders and the hips. Athletes then worked on the yoke carry and rope climbs. Colleen and Michele R. each got their first rope climb. Morgan did his first rope climb using the scissors method.

Friday was a triple lift day. The first lift was the front squat. Athletes found a weight that they could use for a 4×3 set. Andrea had another PR this week by front squatting 75lbs with great form. Morgan set a new PR at 125lbs. Andri got her PR up to 85lbs.The next lift was the RDL. Andrea and Morgan used 95lbs and 135lbs for their RDL. We finished off the strength portion of class by doing weighted chin-ups. Chris Q. was able to knock out 3 body weight chin-ups. Portia got her first chin-up at body weight. Renee graduated to a lower band and used the purple band for her chin-ups. Carrie used a green and purple band for her chin-ups.

Please post any PRs that I may have missed.

WOD 01.26.13


  • 100 Pull-Ups
  • 100 Push-Ups
  • 100 Sit-Ups
  • 100 Squats

*You must complete all reps of the first movement before moving to the next.

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