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Reprogramming Your Cravings

By Marcus | In Health & Lifestyle, Nutrition | on August 11, 2011

When trying to change your diet, one of the toughest things to beat are cravings for the foods you need to avoid. AJ was just relating how a restaurant in the SF Bay Area tried to derail him this weekend not just once, but THREE separate times by bringing out their freshly baked sourdough bread. Nevertheless, AJ was strong and refused the bread each time — even though he admitted the temptation grew worse with every passing second the bread was on the table.

I posted at the beginning of our Whole30 Challenge back in April about the need to reprogram your taste buds to avoid sugar cravings. That covered what is typically the toughest hurdle for people — the dessert table. However, changing those cravings can go far beyond simply sweets and also cover items like the bread that was calling AJ like a siren.

Anna passed along an article she read at CNN’s website that covered this topic. Now while I can’t give the article a hearty thumbs up, due to its lipophobic (fat fearing) stance and embrace of the food pyramid, it does have some merit. The tips they gave can be applied to even a paleo eater.

Clean out your cupboards
We wholeheartedly recommend this concept. Sean posted about cleaning out your pantry, as there is no better way to avoid temptation than to ensure it isn’t in your home.

Carry around healthy foods
This is a great idea, as the options on the go can be iffy at best. Theme parks anyone? Take a look at Ruth’s post about stocking up for a road trip for great ideas to keep your cooler filled with goodies.

Bury craved foods in the middle of a meal
We recommend something a little different, although I can’t seem to find a previous post where we wrote it. This would be outside of your initial 30 days going paleo, which we recommend to do strictly to reset your system. This almost harkens back to the days of childhood where your mom told you to eat all your dinner if you wanted to get dessert. The same sort of thing applies, except we want you to eat your full serving of protein, then your veggies and if you’re still hungry afterward, have some of whatever you may be craving. Unless you are going fork to mouth with scarcely time to breathe, you probably won’t have a lot of room left for the treat you desire and may even think twice about having ANY!

Apply these tips and see if they help with reducing or eliminating any cravings you may have for “forbidden” foods.

WOD 08.11.11

Gymnastics Skills
-Hollow Body Position
-Handstand Pushups
-Back Lever
Goat Skillwork/Mobility

2 Comments to "Reprogramming Your Cravings"

  • Scott says:

    August 11, 2011 at 1:40 PM -

    Marcus’s tip reminds me of a trick that Michelle and I USUALLY employ at The Counter. Most of you have probably noticed that if you order sweet potato fries with your burger, they bring the fries first and your burger comes 5 minutes later. When that happens Michelle and I undoubtedly finish the fries…and the burgers!! But if we ask for the fries to come out WITH the burgers, then we finish the burgers and are too full to finish the fries. We usually leave about 1/3 of the fries uneaten.

    Thanks as always for the guidance Marcuspedia!!

  • AJ says:

    August 11, 2011 at 5:43 PM -

    Good info Marcus, thanks. I will use some of this advice this weekend as I’m off to try and conquer the temptation of the great Philadelphia cheesesteak…

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