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Review: King Kong Apparel

By Alia | In Rest Day | on December 22, 2013


Photo from King Kong Apparel

I recently purchased a “CrossFit specific” bag as a gift, based on a wish list. I hadn’t really done any research as I am a die hard fan of my current brand of gym bag. I received the King Kong bag in the mail and put it straight into my pile of gifts to be wrapped without a second look or thought. A few days after placing it in said pile I was at work and had some free time to do research on it. This bag was touted as a bag “Built specifically for the unique needs of Elite Fitness”. Of course my first thoughts were of doubt. I’m a walking ball of OCD. Everything should have it’s own place and organized and easy to get to. I often sit with my bag and purse just to make sure that everything is in it’s right place. There is no way this company could have thought of all the compartments I would need in a bag. As it is with my current bag I put everything in a very specific pouch and place. Well, I was proven wrong. After reading into the KK Bag in depth, I immediately opened the bag when I got home and pulled it out to investigate.

It’s huge! Compartments, EVERYWHERE! Multiple shoe slots! A mobility pouch?! Impressive. I was proven so very wrong. The material itself is very sturdy and feels very similar to a textile luggage bag I own that has lasted me throughout the years. It was folded and shipped in such a way that I never thought it would hold everything I could want. On their website they have a picture showing an example of what the bag could hold. 2 pair of shoes, extra clothes, ropes, mobility products, shaker bottles and the list goes on. Construction seems solid as well. Extra thick zippers, the good YKK brand and eyelets for air circulation so your stuff can breathe. The shoulder strap was impressive as well. One of my favorite gym bags had to be retired because of the plastic latch that held the long shoulder strap. The King Kong apparel company went a step further and put metal hooks and hook receivers. The shoulder strap also swivels so that you never have to fight for the perfect position.  Nicely done. While this bag does come at a hefty price, I believe that it could last a very long time due to the quality of construction.

Overall while the quality is very nice and constructed very well. There are various discount codes I have found online and a simple search could probably help you out if you are looking to upgrade your gym bag.

12.22.13 REST DAY

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