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Run Run Run

By Jake | In Events and Announcements | on February 9, 2013


On March 23rd the city of El Segundo will be holding the 22nd annual El Segundo Run for Education. Last year we had 10 Intrepid runners participate in the 5K. Each member did very well and placed in the top 15 of their age group. It would be great to have even more members represent our gym since this is our city. With last year’s race being very successful the city saw it fit to make some changes. The most major change would be the return of the 10K race. In recent years the 10K did not see much participation but there has been demand for the race to return. So if any of you feel that a 5K won’t be enough of a challenge this would be a great opportunity to push yourself even more. Between now and March 16th the price for the 10K is $35 and the 5K is $30. Each race will increase $5 after the 16th.There is also a 1K run for the kids so this can easily be a family event. If you guys and gals are interested follow the above link to register. Use the promo code RUN4ED to save an additional $5. Hope to see you out there!

Since I am on the topic of running, today is the SoCal Tough Mudder and it is taking place down in Temecula. It will be a 10-12 mile course with 20-25 obstacles that seem challenging, fun, and terrible. Brian Mike Huynh, and I will be taking part in this event. It so happens that we are in the first heat of the day. We plan to make it out alive and do hope to tell all of you some amazing stories about this hardcore event.

PR time…

Monday started with the bench press. Colleen was able to bench 103lbs and completed 6 reps for her final set. The WOD started with max unbroken strict pull-ups, followed by max unbroken push-ups, 30 power cleans, and a 1 lap run. Andrea was able to knock out 23 push-ups. Michele showed her body weight strength by completing 7 pull-ups. Mercy and Kathy also had PRs on their pull-ups with 5 and 3 reps.

On Tuesday the snatch was the lift. There wasn’t a PR but we did see Kevin R. snatch 165lbs for his 3×2 set. The workout had 4 different movements which were box jumps, ball slams, kb swings, and sit-ups. All athletes started at 10 reps of each movement and worked their way down to 1 rep of each. Celina finished in 12:58 and used a 24in box, 25lb slam ball, and a 44lb kettle bell. Brendan finished in 10:58 using a 24in box, 30lb slam ball, and 53lb kettle bell. Scott L. flew through the WOD in 10:56 and he used a 20in box, 20lb slam ball, and a 44lb kettle bell.

The dead lift was on Wednesday. Francis set a new PR with a 265lb dead lift for 5 reps. Morgan got his PR up to 230lbs. Mercy working on her 2nd week of Wendler was able to knock out 228lbs for 4 reps. Sara completed all 5 reps at 155lbs. One of the “girl” WODs we like to use is “Jackie.” She consists of a 1K row, 50 thrusters with an empty bar, and 30 pull-ups. I know plenty of you are still feeling her in your quads. Going from a sitting to standing position has been rough the last couple of days. For some folks this was your first encounter with “Jackie.” From here on out the goal is to now improve your time, with the proper technique of course.

On skills day athletes worked on snatch balance and handstand push-ups. During individual time we had 6 different athletes PR. Colleen and Jeanne kicked up to their first handstands. Nat and Angel were able to knock out their first handstand push-ups with the assist of abmats. Portia got her first strict pull-up. There was a rumor that she did that twice at separate times due to a camera failure. Finally, Morgan thought for his first muscle up that kipping would be too easy so he decided to do it strict. I believe he also did this twice at separate times for the same technical difficulty.

Friday’s lift was the back squat. We didn’t have any PRs on the lift, but David P. completed 7 reps at 205lbs. Renee got her 3×5 set up to 93lbs. Jon had a nice lift at 325lbs for 7 reps. The WOD was a 5 round AMRAP of working for 3 minutes on 3 handstand push-ups, 6 jump overs, and 3x10yd shuttle run. At the end of 3 minutes athletes got to rest for 1 minute. Athletes stayed pretty consistent through all 5 rounds. Most of you guys were able to get the most output on the last round which shows that you all really pushed yourselves. It was a tough and fun WOD that everyone did well on.

Please post any PRs that I may have missed.

WOD 2.09.13

Partner Frannie

Together with your partner complete:

80 Thrusters
80 Pull Ups
And then:
240 Double Unders
240 Sit Ups

Cash out with Rope Climb skill work.

3 Comments to "Run Run Run"

  • Mathew says:

    February 9, 2013 at 7:51 AM -

    Have fun at TM. I’ll be doing the June 22&23rd event when it rolls through. Love the TM events.

  • Portia says:

    February 9, 2013 at 3:47 PM -

    Oh yay! I was just looking for a 5k to sign up for.

  • Renee says:

    February 9, 2013 at 5:11 PM -

    Count me in for the 10k!

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