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Safety Reminders

By avelyne | In Rest Day | on December 16, 2012

Name the female athlete in this old school photo and note the plates she’s using.

One of the key components to CrossFit is the ability to perform functional movements.  Functional movements are considered movements that are essential to our everyday lives, squatting down to pick up your dropped keys from the ground, lifting grocery bags or your kids, running Fido around the park, etc.  All movements that we do daily and most of the time mindlessly.  As an example, we may not stop to tighten our core as we pull our suitcase out of the overhead bins which may cause injury to our backs.  So what happens?  Why don’t we tighten up our core?  Is it absent mindedness?  Is it because we don’t have our trainers with us telling us to tighten up our midsection?  What about while you are at the gym?  When loading and unloading your bar, do you become absent minded about keeping good form and let your back round?

This past week, that’s precisely what I’ve observed.  Folks will have a great deadlift set: they tighten everything up before lifting, their backs are nice and flat, you can see their glutes and hammies firing, they drive their heels into the ground.  Then, they finish their last rep and start pulling their plates off the bar and I immediately see rounded backs as they are doing so.  D’OH!!!  In all scenarios whether it’s deadlifting, picking up your keys from the ground, loading and unloading your weights at the gym, picking your toddler up from the floor, be mindful of your movements and practice good form.

This same safety tip also applies when we start from the hang position for a clean or snatch, as in the “Nasty Girls” wod we did Saturday.  You still have to move the object (bar) from the ground to a standing position (deadlift) to start the lift.  So again, practice good form.  Use your hamstrings and glutes, not your backs!  I know that sometimes we just need a little reminder to practice safe functional movements, so consider this your reminder.  :)


REST DAY 12.16.2012

One Comment to "Safety Reminders"

  • Michael H says:

    December 16, 2012 at 7:42 AM -

    Wodkilla! 10-5 combo instead of a 15 plate preserves the plates from getting warped when you drop it.

    What did I win? :p

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