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Sleeping Experiment

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on March 30, 2013
Sshhhh! Steph is sleeping.

Sshhhh! Steph is sleeping.

We all know that getting a good night’s rest and eating clean can be very beneficial to the mind and body. Just in the last few months we have had a Sleep Seminar as well as a Nutritional Q&A, which was preparation for the Nutritional Challenge. I know most of you take notice to how you feel after sleeping well through the night as well as having healthy eating habits. You tend to feel more alert during the day and have plenty of energy for working out. These small adjustments that we make to our daily routine are basically experiments that we put ourselves through to see what works best for our bodies. Experiments that monitor sleep and eating habits are performed all the time, which brings me to an article that Scott C. stumbled upon. This particular article was found in the NY Times. Researchers from the University of Colorado worked with 16 volunteers for a two-week experiment. The volunteers were broken up into two groups and everything was controlled by the researchers from the amount of sleep each group got to what they ate. Without giving the entire article away, it goes to show the connection of sleep and eating habits and how weight is affected. I am sure most of you know where this is going, but it is a well conducted experiment.

PRs for the week are below.

The week started off with the press. We had some great lifts throughout the day. Tina and Colleen pressed 68lbs and 70lbs for their work sets. Kevin R. and Tyler had monster work sets at 150lbs and 160lbs. Kathryn was able to complete 11 total reps at 63lbs. The WOD was 21 handstand push-ups, 21 kb swings, 15 ring dips, 15 kb swings, 9 push-ups, and 9 kb swings. I’m sure everyone felt the fatigue in the shoulders and triceps. The range for completion time was between 4 and 9 minutes. Brendan wrapped up the WOD in 5:22. Tom R. and Jeanne finished in the 4 minute range at 4:40 and 4:46. The speed award goes to Date Night who finished in 3:53. Rumor has it that he did the entire workout one handed, but I can’t be too sure. Biggest PR of the day goes to Andrea because it was her first time completing all the reps for the ring dips. Well done!

The back squat was the lift for Tuesday. Morgan had a 3×5 set PR working with 185lbs. Amanda totaled 7 reps for her last set at 175lbs.Brian worked his way up to 275lbs and was able to complete 3 reps. Saulo, one of our newest members, completed his work set at 145lbs. Once everyone finished their back squats we set up for the WOD. The workout was 4 rounds of a 240 meter run, 8 hang squat cleans, and 1 rope climb. Paul finished in 11:18 while cleaning 115lbs. Celina finished in 11:27 and used 85lbs.Anna completed the workout in 12:01 and used 93lbs.

Wednesday we worked on two lifts as well as maximum kipping pull-ups. The first lift was the jerk. Tina set a new PR by using 125lbs for her 3×2 set. Rocky worked up to 95lbs for his set. This was his first time working with the jerk. Denny got up 115lbs for his work sets. Renee and Adriana both used 83lbs. The next lift was the dead lift. Tami used 148lbs for her 1×5 set. Shelley knocked out 9 reps while using 185lbs. Francis also completed 9 reps and he used 235lbs. The last movement of the day was max kipping pull-ups. Ashley was able to string together 3 kipping pull-ups. Chris G. put together 24 pull-ups. Holley knocked out 29 pull-ups and Mike H. totaled 46 pull-ups.

Thursday was the usual skills day. Athletes worked on kipping toes to bar in order to prepare for the CF Open WOD 13.4 which was released on Wednesday evening.

Friday started off with the bench press. Andrea hit a new PR by pressing 65lbs for her 3×5 set. Morgan was just shy of a PR as he got up to 135lbs. Barbara had a nice set while using 68lbs. The WOD that was released for CF Open 13.4 was an AMRAP 7 minutes of 3 clean and jerks, 3 toes to bar, 6 clean and jerks, 6 toes to bar, etc. Athletes would continue to add 3 more reps to each of their clean and jerks as well as the toes to bar. The AM classes were able to get into the rounds of 12 and 15’s. At the end of the 7 minutes athletes would total their reps completed. Alia finished with 55 reps. Nicole was able to complete 56 reps. Josh flew through his reps and finished with a total of 75 reps.

Please post any PRs that I may have missed

WOD 03.30.2013
In Teams of 4
3 Rounds of 1 Minute Stations:
Row (calories)
Box Jumps
Ring Rows

Post total reps per team

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