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So Now You Can Kip Your T2B…

By Holley | In Uncategorized | on October 17, 2013

saulo t2b

For those of you that were in class on Monday, you experienced a relatively high volume (per round) toes to bar workout. I was really excited and impressed to see a lot of people had recently figured out T2B and were battling through all 45 of them without giving in to knee raises. I also noticed many of you have starting stringing together kipping pull ups without an extra swing. It’s very exciting to see how far so many of you have come with this movement. While I’m happy to see everyone’s hard work paying off, I did see an alarming number of no reps on the toes to bar, so I would like to clarify what’s considered to be a good movement, so no reps don’t become muscle memory. I learned this lesson the hard way in a competition soon after I learned to string my kipping T2B, so hopefully this spares you all that experience.

Fortunately with the popularity of CrossFit, all I had to do was do a Google image search of toes to bar and I found hundreds of images to choose from to show you all the movement standards. Now the first part is easy and people generally get this one right. The toes much both touch the bar and they must touch at the same time. During one of the Open WOD movement standard articles, Julie Foucher gives a great demonstration of how this should look.

2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucher

Now to the second requirement where I see most people failing to meet the standard. The second requirement is that your toes cross the vertical plane of the bar you’re hanging from. Again, Julie Foucher clearly demonstrates this on the CrossFit Games site as well.

2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucher

When I see a failure to meet this standard, most of you are getting your hips open, but you’re still well in front of the bar. In the image below, the two guys on the left in the white shirts that I have circled in blue, both have their hips all the way open, but as you can see, their hips haven’t passed the vertical plane.

T2b descriptors

If you find that you struggle to get your toes past the vertical plane because of shoulder mobility limitations, I suggest first that you work on your shoulder mobility and second that you bend your legs at your knees to point them back behind you so that your toes cross that vertical plane as the guy in the red shirt in the image above is doing. If you’re uncertain if you’re doing the movement correctly, have someone watch you and make sure you’re practicing the movement properly. If you find that you can’t get it right, talk to one of your trainers so we can help you out. Like I posted about last week, only perfect practice over and over again will make you better.

WOD 10.17.13



One Comment to "So Now You Can Kip Your T2B…"

  • Nathania says:

    October 18, 2013 at 10:24 AM -

    Reading this article late but thanks for the pointers on this movement. I do have to keep on working on my T2B and can’t wait to link them up so I don’t waste so much time swinging on the bar and wasting my energy by doing that 😉

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