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“So What’s the Deal With Your Food Lately?”

By Sean | In Challenges, Nutrition, Philosophy | on January 14, 2012

For all the Intrepids going strong on the Whole 30, Congratulations! You’ve made it through two weeks and the food logs are looking pretty good. I’ve already seen impressive gains with your pullups and am looking forward to the end of the challenge to see how everyone does.  Keep up the great work guys and gals!

If this is your first rodeo, folks around you might be wondering why you’ve been eating differently lately.  And I know you have done your research reading our various Nutrition posts and don’t mind discussing with others, but if you’re like me I can only go into it so many times before I’m simply tired of hearing myself talk and debating with others. Here’s a simple video I recently posted on CrossFit Inland Valley’s blog that does a nice job breaking down the logic behind much of the “why” behind our nutritional recommendations and is simple enough so just about anyone can get the gist of it.

Next time someone is curious about your new eating habits simply tell them you’ll forward them a video link and viola, you’re back to enjoying your meal and going about your day. Not to say you shouldn’t share your new found knowledge and success with those around you, oftentimes folks are attracted to the new “shiny” and then quickly on to something else. Only those that are seriously interested may revisit you with some questions, but at least it helps filter out those simply attracted to the “shiny”.

WOD 1.14.12

In Teams:
Each team member must complete the following movements. All the reps from one category must be completed before moving on to the next.

3 40yrd Prowler Runs
4 150yd Sandbag Sprints
20 Tire Flips
40 Wallball Shots

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