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Spartan 5k

By Jake | In Events and Announcements | on November 17, 2012

In two weeks a handful of athletes from Intrepid will be taking part in the Spartan Race. This race is 5k or 3.1 miles long/short and also includes at least 15 obstacles. Some obstacles would be mud crawls, water pits, and many more. There are many waves/heats that will be going on the hour. I believe the majority of the gym will be in the 1pm wave. The Spartan Race is being held on two different days, Saturday December 1st and Sunday December 2nd, in the city of Malibu. According to www.spartanrace.com there is still room available to sign up.  Price is $85 to participate and I am sure it will increase as race day approaches.  Hopefully a few people will sign up!

Monday’s WOD was a hero workout.  “White” consisted of 5 rounds of 3 rope climbs, 10 toes to bar, 21 overhead walking lunges, and a 400 meter run. The overhead lunges were to be done with 45lbs for men and 25lbs for women. We had 8 athletes do the workout at Rx.  Athletes completed this WOD in the 25 minute- 40 minute range.  Kyle had a monster PR by doing all 15 rope climbs. Paul K. informed Sean that in his half marathon he set a new PR. Paul completed the course in 1 hour and 47 minutes.

The push press was the lift for Tuesday. Athletes were allowed to go up in weight as long as they hit 3 reps for each set and technique and form looked good. Paul K. and Shelley got up to 110lbs and 108lbs for their last sets. Morgan and Brendan were able to push press 135lbs and 120lbs. Pablo ended with 115lbs on his final set. Pooja and Mercy lifted 70lbs and 88lbs. The WOD was 4 rounds of 10 box jumps and 12 sledge hammer strikes to the tire. As you can imagine this one went pretty quick with just about everyone finishing between 3 and 5 minutes.

Wednesday started off with the back squat. Tina knocked out 4 reps at 190lbs, Morgan hit 8 reps at 165lbs, and Brendan got his weight up to 135lbs for his 3×5 set. Nick D. showed off his double under skills and completed 128 dubs in a row. The workout was a variation of the O.C. Throw Down qualifier WOD. I believe the original WOD was AMRAP 10 minutes of 15 ground to shoulders and 30 dubs. What Intrepid did was 5 rounds of the same rep scheme. There was a wide range of finishing times, but all athletes worked hard no matter how short or long it took them to finish.

On Thursday we worked on the jerk balance and muscle-up skill work. That was followed by individual time. David P. got his first ring dip!

Friday was a Bruin vs. Trojan day.  The lift was the dead lift. We had Paul PR by getting up to 225lbs for his set. Tina lifted an impressive 245lbs for 1 rep. The lift was followed by and AMRAP 12 minutes of 6 pull-ups, 8 burpees, and 10 box jumps.  The PRs continued in 7:30 class with Morgan getting 225 x 7 reps and Brendan hitting 215 x 5 reps. At noon, Kevin E. upped his Deadlift to 215 x 7 reps.  Xuan had the big lift of the day hitting a PR of 375 x 5 reps.  The workout yesterday pitted UCLA fnas versus USC fans, and the Bruins outnumbered and outscored the Trojans by an overwhelming margin.  Hopefully the game will go the same way today.

Please post any PRs that I may have missed.

WOD 11.17.24

Buy-In with 1Km Row, then…

5 Rounds:
30 yd Bear Crawl
5 Heavy Thrusters

Cash-Out with 1 Ball Slam for every second over allotted 1Km Row time (Men-3:30, Woman-3:55)

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