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Stacked: Food Well Built

By Jake | In Nutrition | on September 7, 2013


When it comes to dining out and eating on the cleaner side it can be a little stressful to select from the menu. On top of that, asking to remove certain toppings or even asking for substitutes can probably drive your waiter or waitress crazy, I’ve seen plenty of eye rolling. Places like Chipotle, Big Wok, and The Counter can make dining out a lot easier. I happen to be a big fan of all three, but sometimes eating at the same places can get just a little too routine like. By little, I do mean a little because I love all of them. In particular, I love The Counter. Custom made burgers in a bowl are a no brainer, but sometimes dinner for two can get pricey. Last week Ashley and I were in the mood for a custom made burger and at the same time we wanted to try a new spot to eat. Through the grapevine we were told to give Stacked: Food Well Built a try.  There are a few locations around the area, but the closest one is right by the Del Amo Mall across from PF Changs.  We walked in around lunch time and we were greeted by our waitress. She sat us down and instead of taking our order for drinks she showed us how to use the iPad that takes our order.  This feature is what they are known for. After a quick 2-3 minute tutorial we were all set to give it a go. After choosing my bun less burger I had the opportunity to pour on as many toppings as my heart pleased. The selection ranged from all vegetables to pulled pork to even eggs. After about 5 minutes of stacking our burgers we sent the order through and within about 10 minutes our food was ready to eat. The quality of the meal was pretty high and inexpensive. The meal that we purchased was surprisingly under $25! Ashley and I were very happy with our experience there. We really liked how everything was done by iPad. It made our meal perfect because it was ordered and prepared correctly and they were prompt at the request of a “refill my drink” button.  There are plenty of options for those not interested in a custom made burger, but beware they are not the most clean items. For those out there who enjoy places like The Counter most definitely need to pay Stacked: Food Well Built a visit. Chances are that you will run into me there.

WOD 09.07.13

In Teams of 4 complete-

  • 12 Rope Climbs
  • 200 Ball Slams
  • 60 Yd Wheelbarrow Walk
  • 200 Box Jumps
  • 100 Meter OH Walking Lunges

*1 person working at a time, except Wheelbarrow Walk

*Must complete 1 station before moving onto the next

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