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  • 2014 Beach Cities Battle

    By Sean | In Competition, CrossFit | on September 1, 2014
    Come in to workout this Labor Day! CrossFit Kids at 8 and 830am, CrossFit at 9 and 10am, and Weightlifting at 9am. Register for classes here: https://intrepidathletics.frontdeskhq.com/schedule#/list?dt=2014-09-01

    Our friends at Code 3 Athletics are hosting the 2014 Beach Cities Battle at their facility in Torrance on Saturday, Sept 13th (the Saturday after next). This is a great way to get your feet wet competing in CrossFit, gain more experience if you’ve competed before, or just enjoy a low key local competition after the 2014 Summer Shakedown Team Competition.

    The BCB Advanced division asks that athletes be capable of doing muscle-ups, handstand walking, and heavy barbell work.  The Intermediate division should be capable of doing chest-to-bar pull-ups and moderately heavy barbell work.  Check out the workouts from the 2012 Beach Cities Battle here to get an idea of the weights used in the Advanced and Intermediate men’s and women’s divisions.

    You can register here for $60 using Competition Corner, a system developed by Intrepid’s own Michael H.  The competition is less than two weeks away so sign up ASAP if interested.  I’m currently registered in the Men’s Advanced Division so join me and take on the 2014 Beach Cities Battle.

    WOD 9.01.14

    In 2 Teams, Ladder Style Relay For Time:
    25 DB Thrusters (45#/25#)
    25 Burpees
    25 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
    25 Toes to Bar
    25 Wallball Shots (20#/14#)
    15 Med Ball to Bar (14#/8#) (sub Knee Raises w/ Med Ball)
    15 Box Jumps (30″/24″)
    15 Burpees
    15 Thrusters (135#/95#)

  • CFI Vault: Are You “Hand”y?

    By Alia | In Rest Day | on August 31, 2014

    There are a lot of body parts athlete’s need to take care of and protect. One in particular I want to talk about today are hands. If you search the Intrepid site you will find some great posts about hand care like this and this. Along with caring for, we also need to protect. There are a wide range of products on the market designed to protect your hands from tearing or coming to harm. Intrepid has one that is used predominantly in the gymnastics circuit. If you’d like to take it for a test run, check it out near the mobility area. It is similar to the Again Faster product. Another protective product is made by Lynx. Essentially it is an oval shaped pad which may help with your strict pull ups or weight lifting.

    Reebok and CrossFit have come out with their own line of gloves that are meant to be used as an all around lifting, climbing and swinging protection found here.

    Stronger RX is fairly new to the market and has put out their version of hand protection. If you’re not big into fancy products you can always use athletic tape. I was too embarrassed to make a video but the method I use is a variation of the method found on Fitbomb’s site. Jump to the bottom of the page. I usually set aside a calm sunday morning cranking a ton of these out. That way they will always be in my bag and ready for use. Sometimes I have enough to hand out if needed.

    PS. I love Fitbomb because he and Michelle from Nom Nom Paleo are a super cool Paleo power couple.

    If you are not a diagram person check out this video.

    While a tear may occur here and there, don’t let it become a part of your daily routine. We need our hands for everything and it sucks to take a shower with torn hands


    08.31.14 REST DAY


  • Commuting and the Body

    By Jake | In Workout of the Day | on August 30, 2014

    For most of us, commuting is something we do on a daily basis. Maybe our commute is only 10 minutes or maybe it is over an hour. Regardless of the time and distance commuting can take a toll on our mind and body. Working in Redondo Beach and living in Hermosa Beach isn’t all that bad. Most days it only takes me 10-15 minutes to get to work. At one point I was living in Long Beach and a 15 mile commute would take me over 45 minutes to get to work. The worst part was the drive back. It would easily take me over one hour. As you can imagine those long commuting days would put me in a foul mood. I would yell in the car, curse up a storm, or even hit my steering wheel. I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around. Just ask Ashley, she knows how much the commute took a toll on me and how bad it made me feel. The reason I am getting into this topic is because Mark’s Daily Apple had a good post on How Commuting is Killing You. His post discusses how negative a long commute can make one feel as well as some solutions to change those feelings. I will briefly discuss some of those topics he covered.

    Commuting disrupts your sleep- I don’t get enough sleep as it is. Throw in a long commute and now we are talking about getting up earlier to try and beat the morning traffic. Then you have to remember the ride back home and sometimes that can be so long that you get home late. Chances are you will now get to bed late and suffer in the morning. This can easily turn into a vicious cycle since we know how important sleep is. Especially with the way we push our bodies in the gym sleep is so vital to our recovery.

    Commuting is stressful- This one is a no brainer. I don’t know anyone who enjoys a long commute. Most people I know that travel long distances to get to work are always in a bad mood, especially when they first get into work. They tend to be cranky and irritable. Even when I had to drive for an hour or more I was always stressed. It got to the point where I couldn’t enjoy my weekends knowing that I had to spend so much time in my car the following week.

    One of the solutions that the post offers is active commuting. This is a healthy option because one can walk or bike to work. Obviously this is a solution for those who commute about 15-20 miles, but there are many benefits to an active commute. This would definitely be a stress reducing solution.

    Check out the post to read more on how commuting takes a toll on the mind and body as well as some solutions.

    WOD 08.30.2014

    2 Stations 20 Min Max Each

    A) 6 x 40yd Prowler Runs

    B) 5 Rounds

    • 5 Strict Chin Ups
    • 10 KBS
    • 15 Ball Slams (Or Sledgehammer)
  • Back in May, Holley posted about a new CF Team Series Competition where teams of 4 (2 men, 2 women) would compete in a series of WODs posted online over the course of 3 weekends.  Each weekend consists of 4 events which must be completed within a 4 day timeframe, from Thursday-Monday. Yesterday marked the start of the first weekend.  The events are as follows:
    Event 1

    12-min. AMRAP, alternating each round (M)

    30 double-unders (Scaled 60 singles)

    15 snatches (Rx 75/55) (Scaled 65/45)


    12-min. AMRAP, alternating each round (F)

    30 double-unders

    15 snatches


    Event 2

    For time:

    Male/Female pair 1 completes:

    30 thrusters (M) 30 pull-ups (F)

    30 thrusters (F) 30 pull-ups (M)

    20 thrusters (M) 20 pull-ups (F)

    20 thrusters (F) 20 pull-ups (M)

    10 thrusters (M) 10 pull-ups (F)

    10 thrusters (F) 10 pull-ups (M)


    Male/Female pair 2 completes:

    30 thrusters (F) 30 pull-ups (M)

    30 thrusters (M) 30 pull-ups (F)

    20 thrusters (F) 20 pull-ups (M)

    20 thrusters (M) 20 pull-ups (F)

    10 thrusters (F) 10 pull-ups (M)

    10 thrusters (M) 10 pull-ups (F)

    Rx: 95/65, chest-to-bar

    Scaled:65/45, chin over bar 15-10-5 reps


    Event 3

    3-rep-max front squat

    10-minute time cap, All Divisions

    Event 4 

    Each athlete performs as a relay:

    30-calorie row

    30 burpees

    30 hang cleans (Rx 135/95) (Scaled 105/75)

    If you think Event 1 looks familiar, you’re correct. Event 1 is from CF Open WOD 14.1 except in a paired setting and a longer AMRAP. Event 2 is another infamous combo a la Fran. Additionally, you’ll all get a taste of Event 4 since we’ll be doing that today but in teams of 2 instead. In this particular series, the rules are a bit more lax when it comes to building your team.  Teams can include members from different gyms and can even be sponsored as in the case of Team Rogue Fitness Black. Team Rogue Fitness Black consists of Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Sam Briggs, and Julie Foucher. Another “super team” also sponsored by Rogue is Team Rogue Fitness Red which includes Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, Josh Bridges, Lauren Fisher, and Dan Bailey. If you’re interested in seeing how the teams are progressing, you can follow the leader board by clicking here.


    WOD 08.29.2014

    Deadlift 1 x 5

    Partner WOD:

    4 total rounds

    • 30 Calorie row
    • 30 Burpees
    • 30 Hang cleans (135/95) or scaled division (105/75)

    Athlete does one full round and tags resting partner. WOD ends when both have completed 2 full rounds.



    You read correctly, the sign up for the Intrepid partner competition on October 11th is live! Sign ups will be through Competition Corner, a competition management site developed by our very own Mike H. The cost of registration is $80 per team and this will include a competition shirt for each athlete. Registration is open today and will close on September 13th. You will be able to register your team with a creative team name, and also select the division you are competing in, Rx’d or Scaled. If we end up having enough interest, we may even open a Masters division.

    Intrepid competitions are limited to members only, and they are always a fun and positive environment to compete in. A partner competitions is an even better way to get your feet wet because your biggest fan will be right there next to you. We hope to see everyone signing up with a team, so expect to be bugged by your trainers if you aren’t registered. :)

    Once you are registered, Competition Corner will be the place you check for event updates, as well as scores on the day of the event. As we announce the WODs, they will be posted to the website, as the schedule is defined, it will also be posted to the website. Also, volunteers will find all the information they need for the day of there as well.

    Speaking of volunteers, if you are not going to compete, we are always in need of volunteers for these events. Please use the link at the bottom right corner of the competitioncorner page for our event, or use this link here. Thank you in advance!




    We’d also like to with James a very Happy Birthday today!


    WOD 08.28.14

    Mobility: Hips and shoulders

    Skill: One arm OHS with dumbell



  • I originally wrote the article below back in June 2010. Sleep is one of the necessary triumvirate for good recovery (proper food and mobility work being the other two), so it behooves us all to look at how we may improve our rest time.

    I felt it relevant to cover a factor today that may be holding some of you back from getting all the hours of sleep that you possibly could. The very device you’re using to view this post, whether a laptop or an iPhone, emits blue light and that can be throwing off your internal clock. If you make a habit of watching TV in bed to fall asleep or browse the internet until you get drowsy, you may be making it that much more difficult to drift off into slumber. I became aware of my own poor habits after reading an article on Mark’s Daily Apple. After moving into my current apartment, I ensured that I would at least not have a television in my bedroom to avoid that potential pitfall. However I tend to spend time on my computer (for example, writing this post) until well close to my bedtime. As the article on MDA states:

    Blue light regulates our secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Exposed to blue light, we limit the production of melatonin, and we stay alert and awake; in the absence of blue light, melatonin production ramps up, and we get sleepy.

    So aside from the obvious improvement of limiting TV or computer viewing prior to sleep, what else can we do? Well one of the suggestions is that red light, such as that emitted by a campfire, may help promote melatonin production and encourage sleep. One of the readers on MDR went on a 30-day experiment where they used solely candles to light their home after sundown and noted a marked improvement in their sleep quality, in addition to falling asleep almost 3 hours earlier. While I wasn’t up for totally eliminating all lights in my home, I did try going by the light of candles alone for about 2 hours before bedtime. I did find it much easier to fall asleep and slept quite deeply. Take a look at the full list of tips in the article, experiment with them and see if your own sleep improves!

    In the years since I first read the article on MDA, I have been using the program f.lux on all my personal computers. As mentioned in the MDA post, this software sets its timer to your location’s sunrise/sunset and will alter your monitor’s colors accordingly. This will cause a shift toward redder light after sundown to make it easier on your eyes. After using the new setting, I adjusted to the change in color and appreciated how it wasn’t quite so harsh on my vision. I highly recommend giving the freeware a try. They also came out with a version for iPhones and iPads, so those addicted to their smartphone or tablet can give their eyes a break.

    WOD 08.27.14

    Back Squat 3×5

    AMRAP 9
    7 Power Cleans (185/123)
    30 Double Unders
    12 Toes-to-Bar

  • Recipe: Plantain Crackers From Paleo Mom

    By Ruth | In Nutrition | on August 26, 2014

    There are lots of gluten/grain-free crackers out there, many of which I’ve tried and liked enough. But my main concern was the liberal use of nut flours and how easy it is to plow through such a large of amount of it. Most of you who have read our past posts know this isn’t ideal as it offsets our Omega 3 to 6 ratio quite a bit.

    However, the Paleo Mom just posted a plantain cracker recipe that has just 3 ingredients (if you count the salt as an ingredient)! This recipe looks so easy and delicious and manages to avoid the nuts, grain, and dairy without sacrificing taste. While it does take longer to bake than your average cracker (50-70min), I’m hoping the payoff makes it worth it.

    Here are the ingredients you’ll need for one batch:

    1. 2 green plantains (approx 2 cup yield)
    2. 1/2 c extra virgin coconut oil
    3. 1/2 t salt (to taste)

    For the directions and pictures, head over to The Paleo Mom and get baking!

    *While this recipe is nut/grain-free, remember it’s still 2 big plantains, so moderation does apply. :)

    WOD 8.26.14

    Good Mornings 3×5

    Partner WOD
    Buy In:
    16 Muscle Ups (sub Bar Muscle Ups, Pullovers or 8 Rope Climbs)

    2 Rounds:
    50 Alternating Box Jumps
    50 Alternating Burpees
    400m Run

    *both partners run 400m together. When they both return, they can start on next round.

  • This past Saturday we hosted our largest Weightlifting competition to date with 10 women and 16 men from all over So Cal participating. The women’s session began around 9am and three Intrepid ladies were part of the action; Kathy, Coach Holley, and Katie.

    Kathy has been training hard preparing for the meet. She made her first snatch attempt of 37kg (81lbs) but missed her second and third snatch attempts at 41kg and 43kg respectively, and unfortunately injured her elbow trying to save the lift. We choose to sit out the clean and jerk portion of the competition. Wish her good luck as she recovers well for the Summer Shakedown Team CrossFit Competition happening Sept 7th.
    Kathy Snatch Intrepid Invitational

    Despite an extremely busy last few months which include wedding planning, wedding, honeymoon, and closing on a new home, Coach Holley trained around her busy schedule and prepared for Saturday’s meet in a limited amount of time. She snatched 55kg (121lbs) and clean and jerked 73 (160lbs) for a 128 total, just 7kg below the minimum qualifying total for the American Open and within reach by the October 14th deadline. She placed 4th, just narrowly missing the podium.
    Holley Snatch Intrepid Invitational

    Katie had an excellent competition and was our most improved lifter. She snatched 40kg(88lbs) for a PR and clean and jerked 55kg (121lbs) for a competition PR. Her total was her best yet at 95kg also a PR. Great work Katie and oh by the way she also PR’d her Firefighter CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) just a couple of days prior. Nice work Katie!
    Katie Snatch Intrepid Invitational

    The top finishers in the women’s session were:
    3rd Place – Tracy Temmel (Xystum Weightlifting)
    2nd Place – Kristin Iizuka (Code 3 Barbell)
    1st Place – Nichol Gagnon (Xystum Weightlifting)

    The men’s session followed the women’s and we had two Intrepid men competing; Mario and Coach Jake.

    This was Mario’s first weightlifting competition and I couldn’t have asked for any better results. He went 6/6, not missing any lifts and finished with a PR snatch of 75kg (165lbs) and matched PR with a Clean & Jerk of 93kg (205lbs), an overall total 168kg. Great first meet for Mario and we’re looking for him to continue his progress.
    Mario Snatch Intrepid Invitational

    Coach Jake has been battling some shoulder trouble and was a game time decision, but he chose to compete. He snatched 78kg (172lbs) and hit a 107kg (235lbs) clean and jerk for a 185kg total. Definitely not his best numbers but did his best despite battling injury.
    Jake Snatch Inrepid Invitational

    The top finishers in the men’s session were:
    3rd Place – Aaron Gatdula (Code 3 Barbell)
    2nd Place – Marc Sobremesana (Code 3 Barbell)
    1st Place – Chris Cho (Code 3 Barbell)
    Men Finalists Intrepid Invitational

    Contact me at Sean@intrepidathletics.net to learn more about our Weightlifting program for adults and youth.

    WOD 8.26.14

    Jerk from Behind the Neck 3×2

    3 Rounds for Time:
    10 Overhead Squats (135/95#)
    10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

  • Power in Mobility

    By Alia | In Rest Day | on August 24, 2014

          We had some of our very own and other athletes bring some serious heat to the Weightlifting competition yesterday. If you missed it, you missed out on some spectacular lifting. Personally, I was equally impressed by the strength and mobility of the athletes in the competition. It’s one thing to sit in awe of Olympic level athletes who spend 8 or more hours a day training, having meals cooked for them, personal masseuses and basically a person for every angle of their training; and quite another to watch my peers, ‘real life’ athletes with ‘normal’ jobs who can throw heavy weight around beautifully with no less than perfect form just feet away from me.
          We all have our tight spots and sure we work on them but do we really work on them? Spending two minutes of your 18 hour waking day stretching your hips does not make an ‘ass to grass’ squat. Lightly grazing your chest with a lacrosse ball is not going to get you into a stable front rack position. Your mobility time should equal the time you spend working out. While in an ideal world that is not always possible, we can try.
          Start by investing in the right tools. The Intrepid store sell foam rollers, bands and some specialty tools. Most local sporting goods stores have the same, even REI has the Triggerpoint System in stock. No excuses there. Got kids? Guess what, still no excuses. Get your little ones to stretch with you and if they are too little to stretch, ask the spouse to take them for a bit of time, negotiate. I always carry around a lacrosse ball with me. 100% no reason why I can’t wait in line at the DMV rolling my chest out. Or sit at a desk and roll my forearms, glutes, anything out.
          You think you don’t need mobility? You think ripping a 400 lb clean off the floor with just your upper body is good enough? What if I told you 500 lbs was attainable, but only if you get your hips moving better to get under the bar. Your dedication to strength should be just as intense or very close to the effort you put into your strength program.
          In every one of us is the capacity to be greater and better at both life and sport but only if we can move well. Get out there and use your coaches as resources, use K-Starr’s MWOD; often you can look up specific areas and he has a solution to unbinding them and lets not forget the multitudes of literature we have available to borrow from the office.

    08.24.14 REST DAY

  • Today the gym will be holding the 2014 Summer Intrepid Weightlifting Competition. For some lifters this will be their first time in a sanctioned event while for others this will be another notch on the weightlifting belt. Whether this is your first or eighth meet I’d like to refer back to a section of Ruth’s post on Weightlifting Meet Rules.

    In weightlifting, you get three attempts to establish your max snatch and clean & jerk.

    • The lifts must start from the floor and must be done in one continuous movement (except the pause between your clean and jerk). So a deadlift to a hang power clean will not be acceptable come meet day.
    • The snatch and jerk must be received with your arms locked out.
    • Your knees cannot make contact with the floor at any time.
    • To finish either lift, you must bring your feet side by side so they are parallel with the bar BUT you can be facing any direction (ie you don’t have to be exactly facing forward).
    • You have to finish with both feet on the platform.
    • You have to control the bar down (just follow the bar down to at least shoulder level before letting go.  To be safe I keep my hands on until past my waist height).
    • You must wait for the head judge to tell you “Down” before you bring the bar down.

    Your lifting order all depends on what weight you declare. There’s a whole lot of gaming involved in a meet, so that should come naturally for most of you! We will place you in weight classes but since we have a smaller group participating, the women will lift first and the men will lift after. Here’s a tentative schedule:

    09:00am Women weigh in and declare first attempt for each lift
    09:05am Warm up as needed
    09:30am Snatch (Women)
    10:20am 10 min break
    10:30am C&J (Women)
    11:30-12:00 Lunch
    12:00pm Men weigh in and declare first attempt for each lift
    12:30pm Snatch (Men)
    01:30pm 10 Min Break
    01:40pm C&J (Men)
    02:50pm Awards

    The lifting order goes by lightest lift to the heaviest. So, if Sandy Sandbagger plans on snatching 65#-75#-85#, and Wanda Wodshop plans on 70#-90#-95#, then the order would be:
    Sandy 65
    Wanda 70
    Sandy 75
    Sandy 85
    Wanda 90
    Wanda 95

    There’s a continuously running clock and you have one minute from the time your name is called to begin the lift. However, since Wanda has to follow herself from the 90 to 95# lifts, she will get 2 minutes to begin her 95# lift. Now, once you go up, you can’t go back down (ie Sandy 65-80-75), so choose your weights wisely.   You do get to bump your lifts UP a maximum of twice per attempt, so it behooves you to be conservative just in case. Also, when you make a successful first or second lift, you have to go up by at least 2.5 lbs (or 1kg).

    The tricky part is how to time your warm ups so that you take your last warm up attempt with enough time before your first lift so you can recover, but not so long that you get cold. That will boil down to having an idea what your fellow competitors are planning to lift.  On competition day, we’ll do our best to help you game your warm ups.

    Good luck to all the lifters today! I am hoping to see plenty of PRs!

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