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  • Yesterday was the final day for the Masters Divisions.  For those of you unaware, there are 5 age categories for both men and women for the Masters Divisions: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+  but if you’re thinking, ehh Masters, think again. The competition was fierce and if this doesn’t just scream AGE IS JUST A NUMBER, I don’t know what does.  These ladies and gents threw down and threw down hard!

    Just as the sport of CrossFit has evolved, the competition for this group has evolved as well. Back in 2010, the first year for the Masters Divisions, there were 3 events over a 3 day period.  Athletes completed “Nancy” followed by a Max Deadlift on Day 1, Day 2 was a Rest Day, and Day 3 consisted solely of “Fran”. Fast forward to 2014, Day 1 alone consisted of 4 events!  In fact, this is the first year the Masters Divisions had to complete 4 events in one day. And if you want to compare numbers, the Deadlift Ladder the Masters completed this year is about the same Deadlift Ladder the Individual competitors completed in 2009. The top female in the 60+ division, Lones Stern-Banks lifted 295# for her 1 rep max, while the top male, David Walters, lifted 455# for his 1 rep max. The other 3 events on Day 1 for this year included a Max Distance Handstand Walk, Sled Drag, and a Run/Rope climb WOD. Days 2 and 3 both consisted of 2 events, each one testing the Masters’ mettle.  They finished off Day 3 with a Chipper that included lots of wall ball shots and the Masters Final that included burpee muscle ups (chest-to-bar pullups for the 60+ Division). For a full listing of the winners from each division click here.  In my humble opinion, they’re all winners.  In a society that promotes “chair” exercises and low-impact movements for people over 50, I love that these ladies and gents are defying the “norm”.

    Day 2 for the Individuals and Teams Events starts today.  The current standing order after the Beach Event  has CrossFit Athletic in 1st, NorCal CrossFit in 2nd, and CrossFit Invictus from the Southern California region rounding out the top 3.  The teams will start the day with a 6 mile relay run, followed by “Frantasy Land”, Big Bob 100, Team Max Deadlifts, and Big Bob 200.  I am personally looking forward to watching Frantasy Land.  In Frantasy Land, each team member will be completing some version of “Fran” (OG Fran, Heavy Fran with chest-to-bar pullups, or Heaviest Fran with bar muscle ups).  The added element of surprise/difficulty is that they will be completing their pullups/bar muscle ups on a rig (Big Bob) that will be pushed by their other teammates.  I am really interested in how this will pan out.

    On the Individuals side, they’ll be completing Triple 3 which we did 1/3 of on Monday of this week with the row, double under, run combo.  Following the Triple 3, they’ll have to complete 2 events of a sled push for time.  As a spectator, I can’t say I’m looking forward to watching the sled push events.  However, after completing 1/3 of the Triple 3, I am interested in seeing the competitors times.

    Again, if you can’t make it out to the StubHub Center in Carson over the weekend, you can catch all the action on ESPN or ESPN 2 or streaming on the Games site.


    WOD 07.25.2014

    Back Squat 3 x 5

    For time, 3 rounds:

    • 25 Med ball sit up toss
    • 50m Waiter walk (can sub handstand walk!)
    • 20 Overhead lunges (155/115)
  • The 2014 CrossFit Games kicked off yesterday at Hermosa Beach Pier. This was the first year that the teams participated in a Wednesday workout and the first year they participated in the swim event. Masters went first today, followed by the men and women individuals, then teams. For the individuals, the beach event involved ocean swims, kettlebell thrusters and burpees…a brutal combination in the sand. For the men, SoCal’s own Josh Bridges took 3rd, Jonne Koski took 2nd. and Jordan Troyan won. Last year’s champ, Rich Froning, took 8th place, a large improvements over last year’s start in the pool where he took 31st. For the women, Kara Webb took 3rd, Chyna Cho took 2nd and Annie Tunnicliffe won the event. Also, for those who are interested, Val had a great finish at 8th place.

    The teams had a three part swim with all 6 team members needing to stay in contact with their raft. Teams took on many different strategies, but it was most important to communicate and stay in sync to prevent each others movements from fighting forward progress. Many teams rotated positions on the raft and allowed some athletes to lay on the raft and either paddle or kick. In the end, it payed off to get ahead and avoid a traffic jam at the turn around point. CrossFit Invictus took 3rd, NorCal CrossFit took 2nd and CrossFit Athletic took first.

    The final event of the night for the individuals was a 1 RM overhead squat. Each athlete had 3 attempts at establishing their 1RM. If they dropped the bar trying to get the weight overhead, their attempt was done. However, if they didn’t go deep enough in the squat but were able to maintain the bar overhead, they could attempt the lift again. In this event, the later heats definitely had the advantage as they had the opportunity to see what other athletes had achieve and best them by 1 lb to get a better ranking. The top 12 ladies lifted 230 lbs or more with the most notable lift being Kara Webb’s OHS at 250 lbs. As for the men, the top 4 lifters were within 2 lbs of each other. Jeff Evans put up 375 lbs, Tommy Hackenbruck put up 376 lbs, and Rich Froning and Mathew Fraser put up 377 lbs. Tommy Hackenbruck and Rich Froning both attempted 400 lbs, but neither successfully locked it out overhead.

    After the first day, Rich Froning and Kara Webb are in 1st place, Mathew Fraser and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet are in 2nd place and Noah Ohlsen and Cassidy Lance are in 3rd place. Looking forward to what the next three days of competition bring. The next events start with the Teams on Friday at 9a.


    WOD 07.24.14

    15 minute stations:


    3 rounds:
    60 yrd prowler pushes
    Rest 2-3 min between pushes


    3 rounds:
    45 yd Keg/atlas stone front carry


    Mobility last 10-15 min of class

  • From the Intrepid Vault: Under the Hood

    By Marcus | In Nutrition | on July 23, 2014

    One of the things that make eating Paleo fairly easy for people is not having to worry about weighing out food or counting calories. You just eat until you’re satiated and you will typically get good results. There is some magic in this with the normalizing of hormone levels, but another factor often is that removing the sugars, dairy and flour-based goods tends to limit your average Joe’s food selection and therefore his overall consumption. Without being “allowed” sugary sodas and snack chips, his insulin levels normalize and he doesn’t have easy high-calorie food on hand.

    However, for some people results eventually stall out before they reach a specific body fat goal or gain enough to achieve a specific weight class. My first suggestion would be to read over Ruth’s posts about “Paleo and Those Last Pesky Pounds” (Part 1, Part 2) If you’ve tried those — in other words, you’ve got your stress under control and are getting good sleep, you’re making it into CFI regularly, you don’t have all-out binge cheat days and can honestly say you’re eating solid Paleo, what do you do?

    Back in my post about Paleo and Zone I mentioned that with certain (especially aesthetic) goals, you may need to pay more attention to nutrient timing as well as tighten up portion control and even *gasp* count calories. Robb Wolf calls this “getting under the hood” to tinker with your diet.

    Let me restate that this is overkill for many, as just eating well and hitting workouts will help their body adjust to a form that they’ll be pleased with when they look in the mirror. However, for those few that want to put in the effort to gain weight or get to a particular body fat level — and make no mistake, it is often hard work to do so — they will need to figure out macronutrient levels, weigh and measure and be fairly diligent until it becomes a new habit. Note, this doesn’t mean you have to run to pick up the Zone book! Instead of having to memorize how many imaginary “blocks” an item of food is, you can quite easily do it the old fashioned way and look up the calorie, protein, carb and fat counts at numerous websites. I personally do this at least once a year to see if I’m on track or not and readjust when necessary.

    If you feel that you are one of the few that has a specific goal and needs help figuring out your macros, I can give you a hand. Just be forewarned — you should be able to honestly say you have all your other bases covered and can turn in a detailed food log.

    WOD 07.23.14

    Deadlift 3-3-3

    “Dry Beach”
    Bear Crawl 60yd
    50 DB/KB Thrusters
    30 Burpees
    Bear Crawl 90yd
    30 Burpees
    50 DB/KB Thrusters
    Bear Crawl 60yd

    or B)
    Run 240m
    25 Thrusters
    20 Burpees
    Run 400m
    20 Burpees
    25 Thrusters
    Run 240m

  • 2014 CrossFit Games

    By Ruth | In Uncategorized | on July 22, 2014

    The 2014 CrossFit Games are finally here, and lucky for us, it’s in our backyard again. The Masters competition kicks off today with 3 exciting workouts including a deadlift ladder, a handstand walk/sled drag, and some running and rope climbs. The Individuals start on Wednesday with a mysterious beach event, and the Teams start on Thursday with a 6 mile relay race.

    This week, as some of you may have figured out, we’ll be doing different versions of the 2014 Games workouts in the gym (scaled as necessary of course). Last year we did something similar but instead did workouts from past Games competitions.  Yesterday, we did 1/3 of the Triple 3 workout which will take place Friday morning. A few brave souls even got peer pressured talked into doing the full Triple 3 and I commend you guys.   Today, we’ll be doing a the Triples Chipper from the Team competition.

    The Individuals competition will be interesting this year.  For the females, Annie Thorisdottir is back after recovering from back injury last year, as is Julie Foucher who took a year off to focus on med school.  Adding to that, last year’s 1st and 2nd place females (Sam Briggs and Lindsey Valenzuela) won’t be there this year.  For the males, Chris Spealler came out of retirement to compete in his 7th Games and Tommy Hackenbruck returns to compete as an individual after leading a winning team two years in a row.

    We, of course, will be rooting for our local favorite, Val Voboril, who we’ve occasionally seen training in the gym or running the hills around town with a big warm smile on her face. She’s been training hard and we can’t wait to see her compete!

    For those of you who are going to watch the festivities, check out the detailed schedule here. Most of us will be going this weekend, so feel free to post to comments to coordinate carpools!

    Today we celebrate 3 Intrepid birthdays!  A big happy birthday to Ashley B, Scott C, and Sun!

    WOD 07.22.14

    Power Clean & Jerk 2-2-2

    In Teams of 3:
    50 Squat Cleans
    50 Muscle Ups (sub ring dips)
    100 Handstand Push Ups (sub Push Ups)

    Only one athlete working at a time. Athletes must share bar/rings/etc if possible.

  • Register using this link for our 2014 Summer Intrepid Invitational Weightlifting Competition on Saturday, August 23rd
    Looking to qualify for the 2014 American Open in Washington D.C., or just test your progress in the snatch and clean & jerk?  We’re a month out from our second USAW sanctioned competition being held on Saturday, Aug 23rd and we’re expecting a larger pool of participants than our previous meet. Intrepids need to sign up fast as I’ve been receiving emails and phone calls from Long Beach, Torrance, Downey, and other areas about being a part of our meet. Registration fee is $30 and participants are required to wear singlets (or other uniform in accordance with USAW guidelines) and must be current USAW members. Space is limited so don’t delay. Lifter registration will close 2 days prior (Aug 20 is final day). Spectators are welcome to attend free of charge, and photographers are also welcome if event photographs are shared with Intrepid Athletics upon request. If this is your first Weightlifting competition check out this post for some tips on how to prepare and what to expect: http://www.intrepidathletics.net/staging/weightlifting-meet-rules/. We’ll have 4-6 warm-up platforms and plenty of bars and bumpers, although our warm-up plates are in pounds, not kilograms.

    We will have only one women’s session and one men’s session. Women are scheduled to begin lifting at 9:30am with weigh-ins from 8-9am. Men are scheduled to begin lifting at 12pm with weigh-ins from 10:30-11:30am. Awards for overall top three female and male lifters will be awarded based on Sinclair scores immediately following each session. Use the link at the top of the post to register! Volunteers are welcome to help load the bar, weigh-in lifters, manage the scorecards, and more so please let us know if you’re not lifting but would like to help out.

    WOD 7.21.14

    Overhead Squats 3×3
    (competitors with appropriate mobility can attempt 1RM)

    1k Row
    100 Double Unders
    1 mile run

  • Farewell Beam Family

    By avelyne | In Rest Day | on July 20, 2014

    Today we bid adieu to The Beam Family.  They embark on their move to Austin, TX – Tina and Sammie by plane, and Patrick and Benjamin by train.  We have loved you being a part of our Intrepid Family and will miss you all dearly.  It has been so awesome watching Sammie and Benjamin grow in their CF kids classes, from Sammie’s 3 strict to pull ups to Benjamin’s burpees.  The next time we see Sammie, she’ll most likely be doing weighted pull ups!  And i’m sure Benjamin will be right there with her! We wish you well in your new home!  Please stop in and visit if you are ever back in California. Even though you are no longer near, you will always remain close in our hearts.

    562814_10202186385367290_2025246467_n 1175555_10201873101935400_210659514_n 1525616_10203124350055821_696325084_n



    07.20.2014 REST DAY

  • Today’s post is written by Kathy! It is Mike K’s bday and she wants to show some bday love.

    To my wonderful man-

    It’s birthday roast time! Woot! Luckily, you are off in Portland, doing guy things, shooting paintballs, drinking whiskey, hocking loogies, and hopefully, thoroughly enjoying your special day (even while celebrating the end of another dude’s singledom). In honor of you, I have decided to share a few choice details about you with the gym. I mean, they are our extended family and family knows way too much about each other…

    1. Mike’s coworkers call him MOOGLE. As in Mike Google. Because he knows that many random facts.
    2. Mike once wore the same pair of boxerbriefs while we were on a weekend wine-tasting adventure. He wisely choose not to tell me until we came home.
    3. MOOGLE loves spreadsheets. He creates spreadsheets for everything. He and Ninja Mike created their own spreadsheet to rank the Crossfit Regional athletes around the world (that was arguably more informative that anything Crossfit was posting).
    4. Mike’s favorite home appliance is his Dyson vacuum. It cleans so good. Here is a photo of Mike and his baby.

    photo 1

    1. When I rip my hands at the gym, Mike washes my hair for me. And, sometimes my face. It’s a hilarious process but oh so sweet. Thanks babes! Jacob, Ashley would like you to do the same.
    2. Mike is great with kids. Upon request, he can be convinced to show up at a party in his cow costume. Kids dig it. See photo below.

    photo 2

    1. Mike uses high end facial products. I won’t tell you which ones. I am proud to say I got him started. That’s why he looks so good. (And because he is AZN). I bet you don’t even know how old he is turning!
    2. Mike is a fantastic griller. At our family 4th of July BBQ, my dad told my brother that Mike could teach him how to grill. Despite the fact that my brother has been grilling for my family his entire life.
    3. Also, in my dad’s eyes, Mike is like jack of all trades and master of all of them too. He thinks Mike can do everything!
    4. Finally, Mike will hike for sex. JK. JK. That is Anna’s line. See last photo.

    photo 3

    Babes, it’s been an amazing ride with you so far. You are every wonderful thing I said in my post last year and I love you more with each year that passes. Happy Birdie!

    WOD 07.19.2014

    Partner WOD-

    Buy In- 4 Min to find 1 Rep Max Hang Power Clean (1 Bar)

    3 Rounds

    • 8 Lateral Burpees
    • 30 Yard Bear Crawl

    3 Rounds

    • Row 150 Meters
    • 1 Rope Climb

    3 Rounds

    • 15 KBS
    • 15 Sit-Ups
  • er·gom·e·ter
    1. An apparatus that measures work or energy expended during a period of physical exercise.
    2. Derived from the Greek words ergon (ἔργον), meaning work, and metron (μέτρον), meaning measure. “Ergometer”, therefore, literally means “work measurer”

    More and more, the Concept2 erg has shown up in CrossFit regional and games workouts. (Raise your hand if you think the 3k Row, 300 Double Unders and 3 mile run look fun!) Not a lot of people come from rowing backgrounds. In fact the west coast is somewhat lacking when it comes to one of the oldest traditions in the world. Most of the more well known collegiate D1 teams are from back east or in the south. We just don’t have enough rivers and large lakes here. While it is not as common to see this low impact, versatile tool in the average gym, you’d be hard pressed to find a CrossFit garage gym or established box without at least a few ergs.

    The problem arises when no one really knows how to get the most out of it. Sure, you can hop on one and rip out 2,000 meters but how efficient were you? Did you burn out quickly? Are you really increasing your ATP capacity? How does the stroke rate relate to your split times? What effect does the damper have on how many meters one can row? What the hell is “Way ‘Nuf”?!

    Very soon, Intrepid will be home to Los Angeles’ first indoor rowing club for CrossFit athletes. Much like the other specialty classes we offer, the club will only focus on rowing technique, sprint work, distance pieces and team workouts. In the hour of class, only rowing and mobility relating to rowing will be executed. Rowing and indoor rowing is a unique sport in that it is a full body exercise that takes most of the body through a full range of motion. It is anaerobic, aerobic and great for strength conditioning. It is time efficient, low impact and great for the junior and novice through masters athlete.

    I fell in love at first stroke; love of the power, love of my team and love of myself. Rowing taught me respect, mental strength and humility. I’m very excited to bring my passion to you. More information will be coming soon but if you have any questions please email me at alia@intrepidathletcs.net

    WOD 07.18.2014
    Front Squat 3×3

    AMRAP 7
    2 Wall Ball 2-fers
    2 Push Ups
    2 Pull Ups
    4 Wall Ball 2-fers
    4 Push Ups
    4 Pull Ups
    6 Wall Ball 2-fers
    6 Push Ups
    6 Pull Ups
    8 Wall Ball 2-fers
    Etc . . .

  • Brain Training

    By Holley | In Philosophy, Psychology, Workout of the Day | on July 17, 2014

    In a recent CrossFit Games post about Dani Horan, North East Regional champ and now second time Games competitor, she talked about her focus on mental training for the Games. As a result of a flare up of an old equestrian injury, Dani faced some physical set backs going into regionals. She had to make some adjustments to her approach for the WODS, but fortunately she had been working with Dawn Fletcher of Mentality WOD to train her brain. Dani admitted that in the past, her mental game was holding her back physically. In her training with Fletcher, she learned some thought patterns that would allow her to perform better, which included staying away from the leaderboard and social media. Dani found that “If you can train the brain, your body will go so much further than you think it can.”

    If you think about it, that’s exactly the type of comments that Val Voboril and Julie Foucher make in every interview. Both of those athletes are extremely successful in CrossFit and are both very tough mentally. They don’t allow themselves to be influenced by how other athletes are performing in a WOD, they stick to their game plan that was designed for their own strengths and weaknesses, and by the time it’s over, they usually end up on top.

    If you haven’t checked out Mentality WOD in the past, I would take a look. Fletcher has a great blog with tons of useful articles and has a “top articles” section that covers her best posts on fitness, mindset, nutrition and CrossFit. She has posts about improving intensity, overcoming setback, improving motivation, etc. All things to get your mind out of the way so your body can perform at it’s best. If you’re serious about CrossFit and competing, you can sign up for her Mental Edge program for $27 to gain full access to her best content.

    If you struggle in WODs with a little voice in your head that says, “I’m not sure you can pick that bar up,” it might be time to spend some time re-programming the mind to have a more positive thought processes when the WODs get tough. Check out Mentality WOD here.


    WOD 07.17.14

    Skills Day

  • Ages ago, Ruth posted concerns about the use of microwave ovens. While I have no problem with you choosing to spend time reheating food on the stove top, I would say you shouldn’t go throw your microwave in the junk pile just yet.

    First, let’s tackle that scary story about the woman dying from a transfusion of “blood altered by microwaves”. Sounds like a plot for a horror movie, doesn’t it? Well there truly was a court case and the plaintiff did allege that the microwaves made the blood unusable by the human body. The defendants argued that the woman died from a blood clot and not the transfusion. The defense made a strong enough case that the jury found in their favor. (See the court document from one of the civil suit appeals.) Now in the court document, it states that heating the blood in the microwave causes the cells to rupture and release large amounts of potassium, and excessive amounts of potassium can be fatal. That’d be a valid concern — if you were planning to reheat a steak and then mainline the blood via IV. However, you’re planning to consume the stuff you put in the microwave, not inject it!

    So first, let’s take a look at what exactly microwaves are. You’ll have to stay with me as we’ll be discussing some science-y stuff. But before you tune out, realize that an understanding of some science is what keeps you from thinking the Earth is flat or thinking that actors actually live inside your TV.

    Microwaves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is basic stuff if you’ve ever taken a chemistry, astronomy or maybe even physics course.

    Now take a look at the diagram above. You will see that everything from radio waves, to visible light, to UV rays, X-rays and microwaves are part of this same spectrum. The difference in each is what their wavelength and frequency is. From the left side of the spectrum are the largest waves, AM radio waves are larger than FM and that’s why you can often hear an AM signal much further out of town than you can FM. On the other side of visible light are the ionizing forms of energy, very tiny waves such as x-rays and gamma rays, which are what truly qualify as “nuclear” energy. These are what are emitted by radioactive substances, among other harmful particles.

    As you can see, microwaves are rather large in size and that is why you have that grating with small holes in your microwave oven’s door. Those small holes are enough to block the waves from escaping and yet large enough the visible light waves can get through so you can see your food. Granted, an occasional wave may escape, but that is why you don’t want to put your face two inches away from the door. (The waves lose their potency beyond that distance. The same principle applies to x-rays, which is why the doctor snapping your pics backs up behind a wall to take the shots.)

    Now that we know what exactly a microwave is, how does it do that magic to heat our food? Well first, we need to consider what exactly heat is made of. Temperature is caused by the movement of particles of matter. The faster those particles move, the greater their kinetic energy and hence the “hotter” they feel. When you step out into the sun, the variety of rays that hit you (UV, infrared, etc.) all cause the molecules in your skin to move faster and you feel warmth. Conventional ovens work by raising the air temperature and cooking the food from the outside in. The molecules of the food are caused to move faster and you experience this as warm (or hot) food. Microwaves have an interesting property in that they are absorbed by water, fats and sugars which cause those particles to move faster and to get hot. Since the microwaves can get to the particles throughout the food, it is faster than a conventional oven which first has to heat the air in the oven and in turn pass that heat into the food via convection.

    Now on to the $30,000 question: does the microwaving change the food? Well the answer is… sorta. Since the water molecules are “excited” and caused to move faster, this may cause damage to water-based vitamins. But guess what? The same thing can happen if you overcook your food on the stove! So take care not to overcook your foods and in fact, heat only when necessary. I wouldn’t recommend dishing out the huge price for one of those Flavorwave ovens due to paranoia. Oh, and that other urban myth about microwaves “resonating” or somehow staying in your food? Absolute garbage. No more can a microwave stay trapped in your food than you can hold onto an x-ray from the doctor’s office and spit it out later when you get home. Just remember, it’s easy to be scared of the unknown. Now that you know a bit about microwaves, you can make your own educated decision on whether it’s too dangerous for your own use. Personally, I would say if a microwave will get you to eat homemade meals rather than dining out, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

    More reading on the subject: Microwave Safety by Mark’s Daily Apple

    WOD 07.16.14

    Deadlift 1×5
    Weighted Pull Ups 3×2

    3 x 240m
    2 x 170m
    1 x 100m

    Rest up to 2 minutes in between efforts. Post fastest times for each distance. Partner up and time each other!

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