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"Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you" -Ovid

Our CrossFit classes are geared to improve your strength and conditioning. We place an emphasis on strength not only because it will prevent injury, but also because it helps improve your conditioning and efficiency of movement as well.

Because our members are diverse in age, background, abilities, and goals, we tailor and scale our programming for every level. We stress a foundation of proper movement before heavy lifting – quality over quantity.

While the goal of our conditioning workouts is high intensity, our beginners are instructed to go only as fast as they can maintain control and groove good muscle memory.

Our advanced athletes will be challenged to build work capacity, strength, and recovery. We’re also happy to work in conjunction with physical therapists for athletes who come in with pre-existing injuries and scale accordingly.

On Thursdays, we tone down the programming to focus on mobility, stretching, and self myofascial release techniques. Athletes will learn important recovery techniques to employ before or after class to keep their muscles functioning well. We also pick two skill related movements to focus on such as rope climbs, handstands, or muscle ups.

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