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Sumo Style

By admin | In Lifting | on November 6, 2012

7pm class representing and showing Halloween spirit! Lots of runner ups in this class!

There are two types of deadlifts allowed in power lifting competitions: conventional (what we normally do) and sumo. There are pros and cons to both and each have their place depending on your anatomy. The conventional deadlift can be the optimum position to lift the most weight because your feet are directly under your hips (imagine jumping as high as you can with your feet in a conventional deadlift stance vs having them out wide). However, other factors such as torso/arm length, mobility (hip and ankle), and belly size (beer or prego) can affect your deadlift proficiency in the conventional stance.

This article from EliteFTS talks about how to determine which deadlift is best for you based on your bone structure.   Get a tape measure and measure your height, arm, and torso length according to the directions from the article.  Then refer to the chart to determine if your torso and arms are short, average or long and see which deadlift is technically optimum for you.  (Post results to comments).

Here are some tips for today’s sumo deadlifts:

  • Start with a moderately wide stance, but only as wide as you can keep push your knees out over your ankles (too wide of a stance and you risk irritating your hips in the long run, and straining your knees if they tend to cave in)
  • Screw your feet into the ground and simultaneously try to push the ground apart with your feet
  • Keep your shins relatively vertical, your hips below your shoulders, and your head neutral
  • Your grip will be similar (if not the same as) your conventional deadlift
  • Push down into the ground and finish with your glutes

Check out this video from Mark Bell & Jesse Burdick on the sumo deadlift for more tips.

WOD 11.06.12

Sumo Deadlift 3×5

Run 400,
then 3 rounds:
15 Wall Ball Shots
15 Ball Slams

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    November 6, 2012 at 6:58 AM -

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