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By Alia | In Rest Day | on March 30, 2014

Dr. Izumi Tabata is a physician and researcher who founded the popular and very effective high intensity training regimen named after him. Dr. Tabata published a study backing up the effectiveness of his training method. The Tabata way is a 20 second all out 100% work effort followed by 10 seconds of rest, this scheme is then repeated 8 times. A total of 4 minutes of work.

Originally developed for Olympic speedskaters, the Tabata style of workout has become very popular in all training aspects, especially in running. When Dr. Tabata conducted his research he used 2 groups of study. One group trained for an hour at a constant steady pace 5 days a week. The second group used the High interval, less time consuming Tabata protocol 5 days a week. At the conclusion of the study the Tabata group improved both aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels while consuming less time.

The beauty of Tabata is not just in the short amount of time needed. You can apply almost any exercise and it’s a no fail way to get a workout in when you’re traveling. It’s great for bodyweight movements, running and airdyne! You can even combine a few Tabatas together. As an example, First set do Tabata squats, second set Tabata burpees, third set Tabata anything else! Combine all of this with a warmup and cooldown and you’ve got a great workout. With any high intensity routine, listen to your body and don’t get too overzealous about the number of Tabata rounds.

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