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TAPS Fundraiser Workout Today & PR Saturday

By Sean | In Events and Announcements | on June 30, 2012

Amanda is an avid volunteer for TAPS and suggested them as the beneficiary for today’s Fundraiser. Thanks for all you do Amanda!

Due to a glitch in updating, my earlier post didn’t capture all of the details of today so I’ll highlight them again since many of them were erased. As mentioned before today’s workout will be accomplished in teams of up to 3 people. Today’s workouts will run at 9am and 10am just like the normal Saturday workouts, but the suggested donation is $20 to benefit TAPS. Donations are not mandatory but 100% of the funds will be given to TAPS, and every little bit helps. More workout details are below, and we’ll be sure to clarify the rules during class. TAPS volunteers will be on hand to show their support for you all, discuss what their organization does, and answer any questions you may have. This is also a great opportunity to introduce new family and friends to CrossFit. Please take the opportunity to sign yourself and your guests in (if possible) to help us with planning the size of each session. If you’re not able to, no worries, but please arrive 5-10 minutes early so newbies can fill out the necessary paperwork without holding up the class. Hope to see you in the gym this morning!

PR Saturday

It was another great week of training. We have athletes preparing for the Summer Shakedown Team CrossFit Competition in August and the CFI Games in September, so this week’s accomplishments are a step in the right direction for those athletes. Here’s a recap of the week’s workouts and PRs:

Monday: Heavy Bench Press and heavy Deadlift

  • Michelle (aka WodKilla) hit a new Bench Press 1RM of 130#!
  • AJ bumped his Bench Press 3×5 weight to 160# for a PR
  • Shelley achieved a PR Deadlifting 135# x 15reps on her burnout set
  • Scott C. Deadlifted 390# x 2Reps for a PR
  • James bumped his Deadlift PR up 5# this week pulling 320# x 5reps

Tuesday: Standards Workout of AMRAP 12 consisting of push presses, box jumps, burpees, and pullups. Notable accomplishments include:

  • Jake getting 6Rds+8Push Presses using 105# and a 30″ box
  • Michael H. getting 5Rds+3Push Presses using 105# and a 30″ box
  • Luke getting 5Rds+2Burpees using 115# and a 24″ box
  • Mike K. getting 5Rds+7 Box Jumps using 115# and a 24″ box
  • Date Nite getting 5Rds+2Push Presses using 105# and a 24″ box
  • Troy getting 5Rds+8Push Presses using 105# and a 24″ box
  • Avelyne getting 5Rds+5 Burpees
  • Stephanie getting 5Rds+1Box Jump using 73# and a 20″ box

Wednesday: Heavy Back Squat followed by 4 Rounds of Wallball Shots/2-for-1 Shots, Double Unders, and a shuttle run.

  • Kyle Back Squatted 230# x 2reps for a new PR
  • Michael H. hit 225# x 5reps on his heavy Back Squat set for a PR
  • Lisa squatted 175# x 2Reps for a PR
  • Chef David made an appearance and hit 205# for his Squat 3×5 for a PR
  • Stephanie stepped-up and did her first 2-for-1 Wallball shots with a 12# ball
  • Kevin E. PR’d his consecutive double unders during the workout

Thursday: Skills day where we specifically worked on Handstand Pushups and Clean Halting Deadlifts.

  • Celina cranked out her first Handstand Pushup and then did a second rep for good measure
  • Matt W. (aka M-Dub) kicked into his first handstand
  • Tom D. accomplished his first HSPU!
  • Christine, who just finished her On-Ramp last week kicked into her first handstand!

Friday: Heavy Press followed by a fast 3 Rounds of 5 Power Cleans and 10 Toes to bar, then a 500m Row for time after a short rest.

  • Mercy achieved a new Press 1RM of 88# and PR’d her row with a 2:16.7
  • Corrine also had a double PR day Pressing 63# x 3reps and rowing 1:58.3
  • Patrice rowed 1:49.7 for a 500m Row PR
  • Luke rowed 1:36.4 for a PR
  • Brady hit 1:40.1 for a 500m Row PR
  • Sri also PR’d his row with 1:41.8
  • Michelle didn’t think it was enough to PR her Bench Press 1RM on Monday, so she decided to Press 98# x 1Rep for a new Press 1RM!
  • Bryant rowed a PR of 1:33.5
  • Tyler followed up a 1K row PR not too long ago with a 500m Row PR of 1:33.5
  • Michelle Pressed 98# x 1rep for an impressive new 1RM! Next month she’ll be going for triple digits.

WOD 6.30.12

In Teams of 3 Perform:
75 Burpees, Active Rest in Hollow
75 Situps, Active Rest in Plank
75 Box Jumps, Active Rest in Bottom of Squat

Finish with a 250m sandbag relay
*1 Team Member at a time can perform movement, while second Team Member is in Active Rest Position, and third teammate rests holding a sandbag. Teammates can switch as often as necessary to complete the required repetitions*

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