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Team Intrepid Competition Reflections (Part 2 of 2)

By Sean | In Competition | on July 16, 2011

As promised, in today’s post you’ll hear from the other half of the Intrepid team that competed last Saturday at the Tri-County Shakedown.

I am no stranger to competition but this past Saturday was my first Crossfit competition. I have always been intimidated by Crossfit competitions and never felt I was at the caliber of the other athletes. Although, when Holley approached me about a team competition I was intrigued. It would be a great way to test my chops with the support of teammates.
When the wods were posted I just thought to myself did emperor Marcus program this? I was worried about the heavy weights but felt that all the wods were doable minus the muscle-ups. In true Intrepid Family mentality Ruth, Anna, Nick and Mike stepped up to the plate to test the wods out for the team before the competition. This really helped us put together a game plan for the day.
When competition day rolled around I was really excited. My goal was to do the best I could, finish and most importantly have fun. There were moments during the wods where I was so frustrated because the judge called no reps, but was thankful to have my team back me up where I needed help. After completing the workouts I just thought to myself, I am so glad our intrepid coaches push us so hard and are so strict about good form. By far, the reason I had so much fun was because of my teammates. The best part of the comp was how we worked together so well under pressure, and were all willing to push ourselves to help another teammate. At the end of the day I was happy with my performance and so proud of my teammates. The competition has given me new goals and a renewed fire under my butt to work harder on those movements that I dread and suck at so that I can not only hold my own on the next team competition, but also carry my teammates when they need help.
Long story short, I am so glad I did it and was so lucky to be a part of the Intrepid Team.

My Turn:

I was less nervous and more excited approaching this competition that I had with any others for the simple fact that I would get to share the arena with teammates just as dedicated to doing their best as I was.  Many people flock to CrossFit because they enjoy working side by side with others, often pushing themselves harder and further than if they were going at it alone, and I found that we fed off of each other’s energy providing inspiration and a helping hand when needed.  It could have been very easy to get caught up in the competition aspect of the event with 30+ teams on the schedule, but we made up our minds early on to focus on having fun, doing the best we could do, and never losing the “team” aspect of the competition (and I feel that this philosophy made all the difference).  In my opinion, it was all about the experience and pushing ourselves as a team.  I could’ve cared less where we placed because I left each workout knowing that each of us pushed ourselves to our limits for one another.  It was truly an honor to be a part of the team and I look forward to more team competitions to come.  In all honesty, I enjoyed the team competition so much that I’m considering only competing as part of a team from now on (as far as CrossFit competitions go).  Who knows, maybe Intrepid will field a team for the 2012 games.  I’m excited to see what the next year has in store for us.

Intrepid chili cookoff is today following the workout. Festivities begin at noon at Brian and Anna’s place. Address will be posted at the gym, or you can text or email Ruth or I. See,you there!

WOD 07.17.11

In teams of 3:
Prowler Shuttle Run
3 Rounds Not For Time:
2 Power Snatches
25m Farmer’s Carry

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