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Inspiration for 2014.

By Alia | In Rest Day | on December 15, 2013

The new year is upon us and this year is quickly coming to an end. What this means for most people is starting to set their goals for 2014. Specifically in my office, there is endless water cooler talk about getting back into shape and starting a new or jumping back into a fitness routine. I bet any Intrepid reading this doesn’t need to set a routine. You already know the benefits of coming on a regular basis and what you need to eat to efficiently fuel your body, how to mobilize and essentially live a healthier lifestyle. This post is more about motivating others who may be intimidated by the CrossFit methodology or afraid of lifting because it may cause them harm and may not be accustom to eating better.

I don’t preach at work about my absolute adoration for lifting heavy things, why squats do a body good or how delcious paleo egg nog is. CrossFit and the lifestyle change isn’t for everyone. It really does take a certain mindset to push yourself and discover new things. Marcus wrote an post about how people describe CrossFit here. I won’t force people to come in and do it. Forcing a stubborn horse won’t get you anywhere. However, leading a horse with carrots is probably more efficient. I’m not saying to sugar coat the gritty details of things like being sore or getting a few bruises. Instead, tell them what you have learned at Intrepid and how it has helped you in your daily life. I’ve made so many friends throughout my years here. All are people that think like me and therefore share similar interests, something Ruth wrote about here. I talk about the lifestyle benefit of working out with like minded people. I am motivated to come in becasue everyone wants the best for themselves and others. Recipies are shared on the daily and sometimes with samples. I definitely avoid talking about clean eating at the water cooler and avoid flat out telling them that their method of fitness is inferior.

If you happen to overhear someone contemplating what fitness or lifestyle goals they have this year, let them know about your personal experience with fitness and how it has changed or helped you. You may be an inspiration to someone and not even know it.


12.15.13 REST DAY

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