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The 411 on a Concussion

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on December 7, 2013


Earlier this week one of our athletes suffered a head injury while doing a WOD. During the run she slipped and hit her head on the ground. Fortunately, all she received was a small bump on her forehead and some scratches on her arm. This could have easily been an uglier situation. Any bump, blow or jolt to the head/body that causes the head to move or stop rapidly can lead to a concussion.  I recently took a course in concussion in sports and learned a few things. Concussions can occur in any sport, which even means Crossfit.  If an athlete in the gym were to suffer a concussion the signs and symptoms observed by the coaches and/or other athletes would include one or more of the following; athlete appears dazed or stunned, confused about what he/she is doing, moves clumsily, answers questions slowly, loss of consciousness, shows behavior or personality changes, and cannot recall events prior to or after the injury. When a concussion takes place it can affect 4 areas of functionality: the way the person feels (headaches and fatigue), how they think (memory loss and concentration issues), change in emotions (may become irritable or sad), and problems with sleep (trouble staying awake or falling asleep).

 Recovery depends on the severity of the concussion, but always starts with receiving medical attention. Usually a CAT scan is involved and the doctor is the only one that can allow the athlete back to the activity. In some cases it can take weeks to return to activity while other times it can take months. There is a current lawsuit taking place at a local high school in the area regarding a concussion. A female water polo player was struck in the head with the ball while playing against male water polo players. This incident happened earlier this fall and her concussion is so bad that she still cannot attend classes because she cannot concentrate on the course material.

It can be difficult to prevent a concussion, but at Intrepid we take the appropriate safety measures when dealing with heavy weight overhead, and all movements in general, so that hopefully we never have to come across a concussion situation.

WOD 12.07.2013

It also is a very busy weekend for Intrepids. Good luck to those competing in the Weightlifting meet as well as those participating in the partner competition!


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