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The Key To Succeeding in Your First Whole 30: Always [Be] Prepared

By admin | In Challenges, Nutrition | on January 14, 2014

crossfit intrepid strongman

To those of you who are participating in the nutrition challenge, I congratulate you for getting through the first day which included a dunk, a tough workout, and most probably a noticeably different routine when it came to food. For some of you, this ain’t your first rodeo, so you can skim on down to the WOD, if you haven’t already! To you newbs, the one thing that will get you through these next 29 days is PLANNING. If you’re a list-maker like me, this will come easy to you. If you like to fly by the seat of your pants, well, get ready to make an adjustment.

Here are some tips:

  • Every day, when you leave the house, have a general plan for each meal and snack of the day.  Be flexible, but don’t wing it.
  • Stock your workplace with a spare meal or two (Brian’s Bowls!!) and some just in case snacks (Primal Pacs and Rx Bars).  Stock your car with a few snacks as well.
  • Yelp or google search the restaurants in your area and fine 2-3 “go-to’s” with Whole 30 friendly meals.
  • Have some emergency go-to’s such as hard boiled eggs at 7-11, or rotisserie chicken at markets (read the labels though).
  • Fill your weekends with activities. Weekends are hardest sometimes as we can equate them with kicking our feet up. Go sightseeing, go to a movie, plan a dinner with fellow nutrition challenge friends, etc. Stay busy and plan your day trips around W30 friendly restaurants.
  • Make a picnic and bring it to the park/beach/Hollywood Bowl
  • If you’re cooking in bulk for the week, exchange a meal (or two) with fellow participants to shake up your food selection and try new recipes.
  • Read “It Starts With Food.”  Not only will it keep you on the right track, it explains the reasoning behind the W30 so incredibly well.  It’ll also help you explain what you are doing to your family/friends/co-workers so they can be supportive of you
  • Bring a post-WOD snack to the gym and use the fridge/freezer.  Just be sure not to forget it or it will end up in the trash (or my belly)

What do you think your major obstacles will be?  Past years’ participants:  what worked for you?  Post to comments.


WOD 01.14.14

Bent Over Rows 5×3

Partner WOD
Row 100
15 Ball Slams

Row while your partner does ball slams. Switch.

3 Comments to "The Key To Succeeding in Your First Whole 30: Always [Be] Prepared"

  • Tina says:

    January 14, 2014 at 11:46 AM -

    What helped me last year was to cook a few items at one time in the beginning of the week. SO all I had to do was create my plate making sure i had what I needed for the W30:) Example…… for this week. I made sweet potatoes and roasted lots veggies in the oven. Made ribs in the crock pot nothing fancy just a little water and seasoned with salt and pepper…. no sauce. Ground meet with diced carrots,celery, bell peppers and tomatoes. Again only seasoned with salt and pepper. Also made turkey meat balls. So made meals easier for me to create. Pre work out meals usual a piece of meat. go home and eat after my workout. packed lunch for Patrick had a lot to choose from. Dinner was easy just warmed up sauce and the spaghetti squash in the micro and we had it with the meatballs and roasted veggies on top. My lunch today was ribs and my veggie green drink.I created more meals but too much more to type:)

  • Tina says:

    January 14, 2014 at 11:47 AM -

    Oh for next week i’m making a frittata. The one in the whole 30 book. Easy to make and easy to warm up for any meal of the day.

  • Amanda says:

    January 14, 2014 at 12:12 PM -

    Celina and I would take a day over the weekend to cook a number of our meals, very similar to what Tina posted. When cooking for two households, you can divide and conquer. You may even find that by meal planning for WHole 30 you save money because you’re mission/list shopping at the store, buying with a purchase, and there’s less waste.

    I hope that for preparation you have already purchased a number of staples going in such as ghee (you can make at home, and I recommend doing a big batch while you have other stuff cooking/slow-cooking), coconut oil, spices, pre-made hamburger patties, eggs, veggies for the week.

    Cooking multiple meals all on one day really helps for meals during the week. It does make for a long day of cooking unless you plan/time well. Get multiple dishes cooking, veggies roasting simultaneously. I personally like to store in separate servings so I can freeze then reheat in the office.

    You will note that by getting rid of those carb fillers you will be eating more meat, veggies, and fat. My go to “fillers” are cauliflower rice and twice baked sweet potatoes.

    Well Fed’s cauliflower rice will make your house smell like a Morrocan bazaar – which is fantastic! I double the cinnamon and cumin recommended to add some additional flavor. (Yes Marcus, I should get royalties.) I can’t say enough about the Well Fed’s recipes. They will provide great ideas and variety so you don’t get bored.

    For road warriors, Mike provided some great examples last year. I found I could more easily go to a steak house or fish house on the road. By going online first, I could see what dishes and sides they offered so I had a plan before I got there. In case there’s a craving for Mexican, order fajitas. You will already be getting everything separate, so you can load up on veggies and meat, ask for guac and salsa only. While waiting for food, I ask for bell peppers to use instead of chips for my salsa/guac delivery device.

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