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The Precious Piriformis

By Alia | In Anatomy & Physiology, Rest Day | on April 6, 2014

      The Piriformis is one of six muscles located in the hip/gluteal area. It is a muscle involved with the external rotation of the hip. The piriformis muscle came up when I had a session with Dr. Deville as a guest chiro yesterday. I felt an overall tightness in my low back and he helped pinpoint my aches to a tight and impaired piriformis. He helped release some of the tightness and while I didn’t feel the effects right away I definitely felt the benefits later on in the day.
      Marcus wrote about the Priformis Syndrome and how to identify and rectify some of the problems that arise from that area.
      Of course, Kelly Starett has a good video on how to stretch the piriformis. Dr. Decille suggested doing the pistol stretch and pigeon stretch to help lengthen and relax the piriformis. And for balance and strengthening, doing pistols to a box evenly on both sides will help to balance the strength capacity.

04.06.14 REST DAY

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