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The Return of the Endurance Class

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on January 11, 2014


Earlier this week it was mentioned that the Endurance Classes will be brought back to the gym. Most likely the main focus will be on running. Sprint repeats and 5ks will just be some of the fun stuff that will be worked on. Certain skills and drills will also be touched on to help running technique and recovery. The beauty of these classes will be that you don’t have to go out and train for hours upon hours. Back in my cross country days we would have weeks where we would have to accumulate 80-100 miles just to build a base. These endurance classes along with our standard Crossfit classes will allow you to still build a solid base as well as performing at a high level. I’ve read plenty of articles about Crossfit Endurance athletes that specifically work on endurance related movements twice a week and also do Crossfit workouts three times a week. Their results…PRs! Even in our own gym we had a young lady who would run about 10-15 miles twice a week, training for a marathon. The other three days she would be working on strength and conditioning. She ended up running her fastest marathon. I believe she was about 30 minutes faster than her previous time. In that previous marathon she trained by running high amounts of miles.

Whichever running event(s) you are training for, a mud run or a marathon, these endurance classes will be helpful. The annual Run for Education El Segundo 5k will be here in March and that might be a good opportunity for our athletes to try out.  In May there will be a very competitive Mud Run taking place in Santa Barbara where the team with the best time wins prizes. That also may be a fun event to participate in. During track season high schools and colleges often hold an “open meet.” Meaning anyone can sign up.  I can picture an Intrepid relay team giving the high schoolers a run for their money.  It would be fun just to have Intrepid go to an event like that.

These Endurance Classes have a lot of potential.  Swimming and biking fall under the endurance category as well. It would be awesome to get Intrepids to train at the local pool. There are plenty of ideas to explore with endurance related activities.

Remember to sign up and reserve your spot! Endurance classes start on Jan 15th.

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