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The Spice Must Flow

By Alia | In Rest Day | on January 19, 2014


 This is what addiction looks like (Not including the spices in my drawer).

I’m letting my nerd flag fly here. Yes, this is a reference to Dune. Yes, this is about spice but not the spice in Dune. Yes my name is Alia but I’m not at all like the character of the same name in the book, St. Alia of the knife . . . or am I. And If you can relate to any of that, you’re a nerd too; so yay!

First several days of the Intrepid nutrition challenge completed! Woo-hoo. I am sure that you all have found wonderful resources through the Facebook group or through your own research. You’ve found recipes to keep you happy and on track for weeks! I’m here to add one more little trick to your bag. A few years ago Coach Marcus introduced me to Penzey’s Spices. It’s a chain of stores that specializes in spices, herbs and extracts. I swear, walking into their stores I hear a heavenly chorus. It’s a cook’s delight novice or advanced. They have wonderful blends for meats and veggies, standard spices, as well as various salts and peppers. Why would you spend up to a few extra dollars for spices you can get at any store? For one, quality. Many store brand blends have extra additives to help extend the shelf life, additives we don’t need to be eating. Two, size offerings. Often times you don’t need a huge bottle of something like poppy seeds or cardamom. Penzey’s offers small jars of almost every spice, not too much left over sitting in your cupboard. On the flip side, if you happen to fall in love with Chicken Taco seasoning they sell it by the bagful! Side Note: Chicken Taco seasoning is amazing on thin strips of chicken.

Penzey’s doesn’t pay me and I don’t get a discount but I do know quality when I see it and taste it. If you are looking for a variation of good blends and have some time to spend perusing around the Torrance store, do so! Open up their sample jars and smell what could be for dinner.

Very important note, keep reading labels. While Penzey’s is good quality spie do be on the lookout for the dreaded sugar. They are in some of their blends. Cook happy!

01.19.14 REST DAY

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