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Thera Cane and the Infraspinatus

By Alia | In Rest Day | on January 26, 2014

Thera-Cane. One of the many awesome mobility tools Intrepid carries in the store and has available for use. With all the protruding knobs and bends do you know how to utilize them all? I have my own go to moves with the cane but often forget just how versatile it is. Below is a video of the various positions you can use the thera cane in. My personal favorite is using the two lengths out of the back. I usually sit on the bench, or a chair at home, and hold the cane so that the knobs are on top of both of my IT bands on the sides of my thighs at the same time. Then, I gently press outwards and hold for a few seconds. Oh the womders of a relaxed IT band.

Getting very specific though, I find the Thera Cane to be amazingly useful when it comes to the infraspinatus muscle. Very simply the infraspinatus muscle is a large triangular muscle situated on top of your shoulder blades. It is directly involved in externally rotating the humerus and stabilizing the shoulder joint. Think of the “no money drill” we do in some of our warm ups. Irritation of this muscle can come from high volume pull ups, push ups or even common activities like driving with our hands high on the steering wheel and working at computer without arm rests. Sometimes pain or discomfort is referred from this area into the front of the shoulder. Foam rolling can get the job done relaxing the tightness but the surface area is a bit large and pinpointing pressure points is more difficult. Lacrosse balls are great but can be tricky when trying to pinpoint the exact spot. This is where a Thera-Cane can come to the rescue. Using the hook and smaller pressure point to get into that muscle can help to alleviate discomfort by allowing the muscle to relax and return to its full length. Remember that pressure is key so find a spot and dig in, not bruising dig, just enough to make it release.


01.26.14 REST DAY

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