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Time for a Nap

By avelyne | In Sleep | on January 24, 2014


How many of you take naps?  I know the new Moms and Dads in the gym are raising their hands.  And I am too!  If my schedule allows for a quick half hour to an hour nap in the afternoon, I make it a priority to nap.  Some days it takes precedence over my afternoon snack.  If you think naps are for kids and senior citizens, think again.

From io9.com, there are 4 different types of naps:

  • Planned: Taking a nap before you get sleepy; if you know you’ll be up all night, you might take a nap earlier in the day
  • Emergency: Taking a nap because you are too tired to continue with your current activity; similar to when you have to pull off to the side of the road and take a quick snooze because you can’t drive any longer
  • Habitual: Taking a nap at the same time daily, the way babies and toddlers do
  • Appetitive: Napping strictly for enjoyment

In addition, you have varying lengths of naps, from a 6 minute all the way up to a 90 minute nap. Each length having positive effects to improve our declarative memory (long term memory that helps recall facts), our cognitive memory, boost our alertness, and aid in creative and emotional and procedural memory.  Indeed, there are studies that have proven how naps can improve our attention, memory, alertness, moods, our quality of work, and reduce mistakes in the workplace.  Some modern companies, like Google and the Huffington Post, are even providing sleeping pods for their employees.  In hub airports, airlines will provide darkened “quiet rooms” complete with recliners and sofas for flight crews to rest while waiting for their next flight.  I’ve used the quiet room on many occasion while waiting for a delayed plane.  Do any of your workplaces have something similar?

We all know that naps are a good thing but as always, too much of a good thing can cause problems.  If naps are too long in length, they can cause sleep inertia where instead of feeling refreshed, you feel groggy.  Also, if they are too late in the day, naps can disrupt your regular sleeping pattern.

So I ask again, how many of you take naps?  What’s your typical length?  How do you feel before you take your nap and how do you feel after?  If you could get your company to provide quiet rooms, would you propose the idea to your bosses?  Or do you just go to your car during your breaks to take a quick snooze?

WOD 01.24.2014

Press 4 x 3

AMRAP 10 min

  • 5 Bar muscle ups (sub 5 pullovers or 10 chin ups)
  • 30 Air squats
  • 40 Double unders


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