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Tough Mudder Recap

By Jake | In Events and Announcements | on February 16, 2013

Last Saturday Brian, Mike Huynh, and I participated in the SoCal Tough Mudder. In case you haven’t seen the video below, here is a recap of the event. 

The video does make it seem that the Tough Mudder was super fun and easy, but it is slightly deceiving. With obstacles named Arctic Enema and Dark Lightning you can imagine it to be a lot different. Being in the first heat of the day did have some advantages. We never had an issue with waiting at an obstacle. The few moments of waiting time we did have was when we paused to strategize how to overcome the next obstacle. Although it was a cold morning, 39 degrees to be exact, we did have the sun shining for the majority of the 11 miles. By the time we had finished the sun was gone and the breeze was more than chilly. You could see lots of folks shivering badly when coming out of a water obstacle. With the weather being so cold it did affect many of the competitors. As we were walking back to our car we saw plenty of runners huddled up with foil blankets in the back of a first response truck. We saw numerous people with injuries to their calves. It was a tough day for some folks. This event definitely presents its challenges, but with the strength and conditioning we get at Intrepid we managed to complete the course in about three and a half hours. Overall we did have a good time. Although it was fun for the most part I am not so sure that I would do it again. Getting shocked by dangling electrical wires isn’t exactly my thing, but I am glad to say that I have completed a Tough Mudder. For those interested in this event I support you 100% as it is a good physical and metal challenge.

PR time…

Monday’s lift was the push press. Instead of starting with the lift on a rack athletes had to power clean the weight into the rack position. Francis worked his way up to 130lbs for his PR. Paul was right behind him with a 125lb push press. Shelley set a new personal record with 110lbs. Nate P. showed some solid strength by getting up to 155lbs.The workout was an AMRAP 3 minutes of kettlebell snatches which was followed by an AMRAP 5 minutes of 3 muscle ups or 7 dips and a 125 meter row. Between the 2 AMRAPs athletes had a minute of rest. The Tom’s (Tom D. and Tom R.) both completed 70 kb snatches. Mercy completed 71 snatches in the 3 minutes. Brendan was able to knock out 64 snatches. In the second workout we had many of our athletes complete anywhere between 4 and 6 rounds of the WOD.

Tuesday was a triple lift day. The first lift was the front squat. Paul got his 3×3 set up to 155lbs. The dead lift was next. David P. was able to complete 10 reps at 235lbs. Pat was able to complete her 1×5 set at 143lbs. We finished off the class with weighted pull-ups. Michele R. did body weight plus an additional 20lbs. Francis added 40lbs to his body weight. Nate P. was able to do body weight plus 15lbs. Nat, Sara, and Kyle each did their pull-ups with an additional 5 lbs. Adriana used bands with less resistance. Mercy threw on 10lbs for her weighted pull-ups.  Chris and Ray added 35lbs to their body weight. Holley packed on 50lbs for her PR.

Wednesday we did the Pallof Press which was then followed by 3 rounds of 50 double unders, 40 wall ball shots, 30 push-ups, and 20 weighted lunges. With 5 athletes being able to complete this WOD within the 20 minute cap it goes to show how tough it was. We had many athletes just missing the time cap. It was a great effort by all

On skills day Portia completed 22 double unders in a row. She has been putting in a lot of extra work on her dubs. Kyle O. got his first handstand and then proceeded to get his first handstand push-up.

Friday’s lift was the clean and jerk. Amanda did her 3×2 set at 108lbs. The WOD that followed after was 5 rounds of 3 clusters, 6 high box jumps, and 9 chest to bar pull-ups. Josh smoked the WOD in 6:07.Troy was right behind him with a 6:34 finishing time.

Please post any PRs that I may have missed.

WOD 02.16.2013

Partner WOD
4 Rounds:
100 Meter Partner Carry (50m each)
15 KBS
30 Ball Slams
30yd Wheelbarrow Walk (15yd each)

One Comment to "Tough Mudder Recap"

  • Kathy says:

    February 16, 2013 at 9:10 AM -

    That was crazy town. Good job guys!

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