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Urban Paleo Forager: Stix and Straws

By Holley | In Uncategorized | on July 26, 2012


Working in Hawthorne, I’m always on the hunt for new lunch places in the El Segundo area and I must say, I’ve found another favorite in Stix and Straws. All of the meals offer healthy portions of meat, they have veggies and sweet potatoes as side options and I can get full for under $10. They offer kabob style meat and veggies, burgers and sandwiches (which can both be ordered without the bun) and salads.

My meal of choice is the two or three stick meal depending on how hungry I am, with steamed vegetables as the side. The meats all have great herby seasonings and are very tender. My favorite meats are their grilled chicken and beef, but they also serve pork, sausage, fish and shrimp (but pay attention, some of them are breaded). The steamed vegetables have good flavor and the serving size is huge for a side. The sweet potato fries are also delicious, but to those who don’t do well with temptation, be warned that they’re served with a side of syrup. The meal also comes with a spoonful of white rice (take it or leave it depending on how strict you are) and is served on a bed of shredded cabbage. The cabbage comes with a delicious lemon sauce that you can pour on to turn it into a slaw. What makes this place unique is their wide selection of sauces. For every “stick” that you order, you get your choice of sauce. Based on how they taste, I’d guess that none of them are paleo, but they are pretty darn good.

As I mentioned earlier, their other options include burgers, “stix-wiches” and salads. The burgers in particular are decently sized and cost between $5 and $8, and salads with protein included run around $7. All and all, the prices a great for the amount of meat you are getting in the meal. Check out the menu to see all of their options.

Stix and Straws is located just down the street from the gym. It’s on the left side of Grand if you’re heading toward the beach, in the yellow/orange shopping center just before Rite Aid. I wasn’t sure what to make of the place when I heard the name, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the food quality and quantity, and highly recommend it.


WOD 7.26.12

Bench Press 3×5 or Wendler



1 min on, 1 min off stations of:




Tire flips

Ball slams



2 Comments to "Urban Paleo Forager: Stix and Straws"

  • Mike K says:

    July 26, 2012 at 10:49 AM -

    Its only 10 minutes of work!

  • dewey says:

    July 26, 2012 at 11:18 AM -

    in observation of the octoberfest tradition, i suggest drinking 1 beer during each 1 min of downtime.

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