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Weightlifting Blog for Geeks

By Holley | In Events and Announcements, Olympic Weightlifting | on October 31, 2013
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I recently discovered a weightlifting blog called The Training Geek. What drew me to the post was the title of a blog post, “15 Things A Weightlifter Should Have In Mind.” My first reaction was, 15 things!? How can you think about 15 things? That’s way too much on the brain. However, there were some good points made, including that you shouldn’t have too much on your mind while weightlifting. This guy likes to focus on the physics and the mechanics of weightlifting, which jives with my inner geek thought processes. I also like that he’s interested in finding the latest cues and techniques as the sport continues to grow and improve. Here’s a collection of things a weightlifter should have in mind, check out the entire list and his lifting diagrams at the bottom of the blog post.

1. Speed. Weightlifting movements are dynamic. Think of moving fast and you will move fast.

2. Efficiency. Moving efficient means using adequate (not excessive) effort to fulfil your purpose (i.e. moving a heavy-ass inanimate object off the ground).

3. Patience. Hitting positions is key to allowing efficiency to occur. So getting to the right positions require patience to hold your posture till the right position is hit.

5. Legs. The ones that do all the work in the movements are the legs.

8. Speed is developed from the start to overcome inertia. Creating momentum from the start is critical.

11. Weight distribution should always be within your feet and as centered as possible. (Think back to my area of base post)

13. Control/Composure. The more frustrated or tensed you are or the more you have in your mind, the lesser the ability to think properly and focus on the right things (stick to two things).

14. Lift how your body allows you to lift. Leverage is dependent on your body segments and the levers they create. Not how you set up or move like Dmitry Klokov or Lu Xiaojun.


Today’s WOD requires a costume, so if you show up without a costume, there will be a 50 burpee penalty prior to the WOD. We’ve added a 7p class today, but there will not be a yoga class.

This Saturday’s potluck/clothing exchange will take place at 900 Cedar St in El Segundo, just dial the Dickmeyer/Doucette code and we’ll buzz you in. It will be in the pool house, so there will be room for gathering inside and outside. There is also a pool and hot tub, so if weather permits, bring your suits! Be sure to sign up for what you’re bringing on the board on the office door at the gym.


WOD 10/31/13


80 Squats
60 KBS
40 Toes 2 bar
30 Weighted pistols (53/35)
20 Push ups
10 Muscle ups/bar muscle ups/pull overs (sub, 15 strict pull ups)



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