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Well, “Tallow” There!

By Alia | In Rest Day | on November 17, 2013


“Tallooooowwww, Is is meat you’re looking for?” is what Lionel Richie should have sang. I know, let’s just face it. I’m the coach with the puns and jokes. That’s how I roll. What is tallow? Well, other than replacing the word “hello” or singing the 1966 Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow” as “Mellow Tallow” it is, very simply, rendered beef fat. Rendering means melting down.

Tallow is a shelf stable form of beef fat. It can be made at home, the process is fairly involved and like anything done well, will take investment of your time and effort. I can’t go into details about how to make it; I’ve haven’t done it, yet. However, Brian from Brian’s Bowls turned me onto a company called Fat Works. I decided to try them. J&J Grassfed Beef also sells it, but at the time Fat Works was having a sale on leaf and tallow combo. Tallow is a good fat to have around the kitchen for several reasons. It has a very high smoke point. This means it resists heat very well and is good for frying even deep frying. Tallow is more hearty than using ghee, olive and coconut oils. Which, when heated past their smoke point can alter their taste or even burn. Tallow is 50% saturated fat, 42% monounsaturated fat, and only 4% polyunsaturated. Heating a primarily polyunsaturated fat like corn oils and then ingesting can lead to inflammation in your body. Inflammation bad. Tallow is also high in Vitamin D. Tallow, when strained properly, can even be reused.

Use of rendered animal fats is not a new concept. it’s been around long enough to have Biblical references. Lately with the ‘eating clean’ lifestyle and fusion eateries booming, you will more often than not see it on the menu. A popular food truck uses duck fat to deep fry their potatoes and then sells them to the lines and hoards of people seeking these golden sticks of amazement. A popular golden arches chain used to fry their fries in beef fat up until the late 1980’s, they have since switched to a all vegetable oil. Animal fats are also great at creating a golden crust when baking pies crusts and adds an extra depth of flavor to sweet and savory delights. It is a direct replacement for butter and shortening. While it can be used to cook one could also just eat it straight out of the jar. I can’t lie here. I dove into it spoon first the other day. It was really good, a little difficult to swallow but yummy in it’s beefy goodness. A great use is in place of salted butter from grass fed cows.Try it on top of sweet potatoes! Or use it to cook Sunday morning fried sweet potatoes. You can put a glob of this on really any vegetable that is enhanced with butter; asparagus, brussel sprouts and cauliflower to name a few. One thing that I would stay away form is replacing unsalted butter in Bulletproof Coffee. I can’t imagine that is going to taste very good.

You can order it from J&J Grassfed meats, our preferred meat distribution company and have it delivered to the gym. Go ahead and say “Hello” to tallow!

11.17.13 REST DAY

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