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Whole30 Revisted

By Jake | In Nutrition | on January 25, 2014


It has almost been two weeks since the start of the Nutritional Challenge and for some of you it hasn’t been the easiest transition. I’ve heard of folks that have been experiencing headaches or overall tiredness. Cravings for certain foods have probably been the biggest “side effect” of converting to clean eating. The good news is that the first couple of weeks are supposed to be difficult and very soon our eating habits will become second nature. Below you will find 5 reasons to Whole30, but these are not my own reasons I have made up. They are part of 30 Reasons to Whole30 by Melissa Joulwan, author of Well Fed (one of Amanda’s favorites), and you may find some of these reasons as helpful or inspiring to keep pushing through this challenge.  The 5 that I picked are my favorite and also what I feel the most.

Your workouts will feel invigorating. Workouts fueled by real food are the bomb. That is all.  I tend to have a little more pep during lifts and WODs.

You’ll enjoy consistent energy. Forget energy that peaks and drops like a rollercoaster, you’ll become a bullet train. No more getting tired at work at 3pm. I’m ready and alert all day.

You’ll find new favorite foods. Who knows which vegetables, spices, and meat preparations will become your favorites?! It’s exciting to think about, no? There’s so much room in your kitchen and on your plate for new stuff when you banish the grains, beans, and dairy. Ancho Chili Bacon, anyone?

You might lose weight — or gain muscle. Or both. If losing body fat is your goal, a Whole30 can be a great way to start that process. Just don’t cheat yourself out of a lot of joy if you make that your only focus.
At the end of the challenge you’ll find out where you are.

You’ll sleep longer and more soundly. When sugar is out and protein/fat is in, you sleep the sleep of the righteous. Sleep has always been tough for me. I usually get around 5-6 hours a night, but when I’m on the Whole30 that easily changes to 7-8 hours. I toss and turn less throughout the night as well.

Be sure to click on the link and see what reasons you have noticed so far, if any. Or if there is something else you would like to add, go ahead and post to comments if you want to share. Keep up the great work everyone!

WOD 01.25.2014

Teams of 4 (2 men / 2 women)- 1o Minute Stations

  • Find 1 Rep Max Hang Power Clean (Total lbs)
  • Tire Flips (Total Reps)
  • Max Yoke Carry 50′ (Total lbs)
  • 50′ Sled Pulls (Total Reps)

*One Person working at a time at each station w/the exception of any scaled partner tire flips



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