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Why CrossFit Intrepid?

By Holley | In Philosophy | on February 5, 2014

A couple of things sparked this post, one was the video from El Segundo Community TV about CrossFit Intrepid, and the other was a sweet post I read from a member at CrossFit Invictus called Staying in CrossFit. First of all, they did a great job with the segment on Intrepid. The video had me smiling and some parts sparked an emotional response and gave me goosebumps. Being so far away from my family, CrossFit Intrepid and all of the members have become my home away from home and I think this video reflects that feeling well.

At the end of the day, it’s the environment Ruth and Sean have encouraged and it’s the people that have become a part of it. What is it that makes a CrossFit gym, and Intrepid specifically, a great place to get fit and what keeps us coming back for more? Amy’s post from CrossFit Invictus touched on some of those topics.

Newbie Greeting

We all remember our first day at Intrepid, as nice as you found out everyone was, these scene is a bit intimidating. Those quick introductions, some smiles and hellos went a long way to help relax. I say, take it a step further if you can. Partner up with them or stand near them during a lift. Take a genuine interest in them and find a way to connect. It’s the beginning of the year and there tend to be lots of newbies, so especially take an interest if you see them in the gym again. If they seem frustrated with a lot of new skills to master, reassure them we all go through it and that’s why we keep coming back for more.

Fitness Accomplishments

If you’re showing up regularly, there’s no denying that your fitness is going to improve. Whether it’s a PR on a lift, a work set double the weight you started, or even your first WOD without bands for pull ups, you are getting more fit. Lets be honest, CrossFit is about function, and one of the best PRs is being able to carry all of your grocery bags from the car to the kitchen in one load with perfect farmer carry form. At Intrepid the focus is to keep an eye on each athlete and to educate each athlete on safe moving, so people stay injury free and can continue to make gains. Celebrate your gains, and celebrate the gains of those around you. Pay special attention once you or someone else has gotten beyond that new to CrossFit phase, the PRs are fewer and further between, so it’s ok to make a big deal of it when they happen. 

Check your ego at the door

While we have a nice big space to work out in, CrossFit can sometimes require a lot of equipment and the space fills up fast, so there’s certainly no room for an ego. Plus, an ego can lead to injury and like I mentioned before, we make it our focus to stay injury free. Egos don’t have a home at Intrepid and that’s a big contributor to what makes it a positive environment to work out in, everyone genuinely wants to see each other succeed.


There is no denying the social benefit of being a part of CrossFit Intrepid. I know of countless friendships that have been formed, and even some long lasting relationships. :) If nothing else motivates you to come to the gym, seeing your lifting buddies might be enough to do it. When you’re a part of a positive community of like-minded people (when it comes to nutrition and fitness) it’s easier to stay on track.

Well, now this post has gotten pretty long…so lets hear from all of you instead. What makes CrossFit and specifically CrossFit Intrepid your fitness home of choice and what we do as a community to make sure it stays that way?


WOD 02.06.14

Skills Day
Rope Climbs
Double Unders

2 Comments to "Why CrossFit Intrepid?"

  • Katie M says:

    February 6, 2014 at 9:55 PM -

    Aw, I love this, Holley!

  • Nathania says:

    February 7, 2014 at 9:15 AM -

    Beautiful writing Holley! We love CFI because is our home away from home to lots of us and even when I don’t feel like working out I know that if I make it into class I’ll get to laugh with my partners in crime 😉

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