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WOD Skills Goal Setting

By Holley | In Philosophy | on June 28, 2012

While we use linear and Wendler programs for maintaining and tracking gains in our lifts, we don’t regularly track our progress when it comes to movements in metcons. Go back and check out your notebooks, how long have you been using the same band for pull ups? When was the last time you bumped up you clean weight 5 lbs in a metcon? Are your kettle bell swings feeling a bit more effortless?
We’ve reached the middle of the year, the perfect time to look back at your progress for the year and set your goals for the next 6 months. Plus, in light of the team competition coming up in August and the CFI Games coming up in September, you may have some very specific goals.
So how do you go about this?
1. Determine the purpose of your training over the next 6 months. Are you training to compete? Are you training to improve you work capacity? Are you training just to come in and be active everyday?
If you are training for a specific competition, look into the suggested movements and weights. Focus on the skills you are unable to do consistently, but be reasonable about the time frame in which you have to become proficient at the movement. If you are training to improve your work capacity, target steady progress throughout the year, but still be specific about your end of year goals. If you like to CrossFit just to move everyday, then specific metcon goal setting may not be something you spend a lot of time on, but be sure you don’t lose sight of good technique to keep injury away.
2. Review your notebooks over the last 6 months and track your progress. Have you made improvements you are happy with?
   – If so, start thinking about what you have been doing (diet, rest, days at the gym, accessory work, etc.) and make sure you are maintaining that. If you are interested in building on that progress, review this information with your trainers.
   – If not, determine what’s holding you back. We’re there outstanding circumstances that held you back? Injury? Work? Travel? Stress? Are you lacking proper technique and consistent movement? Do you need to add accessory work? Talk with any of the trainers for help identifying your hang ups and tips to move beyond them.
3. Document your goals for the next six months and track your progress to make sure you are staying on track. Feel free to post your goals to the comments, especially if you would like some extra accountability for maintaining your goals.
To provide an example, I will share a brief summary of my goals for movements in metcons for the next 6 months:
1. My goal is to stay competitive and be able to handle at least Division 2 weights consistently and with great form
2. Injuries and stress have been holding me back. Removing stress, eating more, accessory work and improving technique with heavy weights will help me better achieve my goals.
– KBS weight: 44# for all WODs and be able to swing it overhead; 53# for Russian
– Clean: 103#
– Snatch: 75#
– Deadlift: 155#
– Push press/jerk: 83/93#
– HSPU: consistently get five in a row, be able to do 3 strict in a row
– MU: do them with full turn out; learn them with little/no false grip

WOD 06.28.12
Skills day

4 Comments to "WOD Skills Goal Setting"

  • Jake says:

    June 28, 2012 at 9:37 AM -

    1. I would like to compete in Advanced Divisions for individual competitions by early 2013.
    2. Be able to do hspu and muscle ups in all wods.
    3. Pistols with NO plates

  • Michael H says:

    June 28, 2012 at 11:03 AM -

    1. Control my breathing, reduce rest periods.

    2. Improve on quad dominate movements.

    3. 95# OHS in a metcon

    4. Be like Jake

  • Anna says:

    June 28, 2012 at 2:26 PM -

    Great post Holley, writing things down always makes us more accountable.

    1. 20 strict Pu/ day (unless Steph is there, in that case as many as she lets me do).
    2. Kipping T2B once cleared
    3. Improve my stamina especially on long runs
    4. KB snatch technique
    5. Practice HSPU, because they are fun!

  • Troy says:

    June 28, 2012 at 8:13 PM -


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