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Word Association: Exercise

By admin | In Psychology | on October 21, 2011

When we went to the CrossFit Kids Seminar a while back, we learned some fascinating things about the genesis of our love/hate affair with exercise.  Studies have shown that children who grow up with pleasant experiences with fitness (be it individually or with team sports) will most often associate exercise with fun for the rest of their lives.  It’s like how people get warm fuzzies from comfort food (mom’s chicken soup, grandma’s apple pie), which usually takes them back to a happy memory from childhood.

On the flip side, if a child grew up with negative experiences with physical activity, they’ll may consequently shy away and resist it later on in life.  While that may not always be the case, one does wonder why some people just seem to enjoy their routine fitness activities more than others.

Luckily, you can teach an older dog new tricks.  Every day here at Intrepid, we see people finding joy in their daily achievements, forging friendships built on support and camaraderie, and discovering their hidden talents and abilities.  Some days we program partner WODs, team WODs, and scavenger hunts (aka Intrepid 5k in disguise) to try to reinforce that exercise can be fun, even as your body aches and you’re gasping for air.

Every day that you have a victory, however large or small, in class, you are training your brain to associate exercise (or the pursuit of fitness and wellness) with FUN.  What were your childhood experiences with exercise or team sports?  Were they pleasant or traumatic?  How did those experiences affected how you feel about exercising (if at all)?

WOD 10.21.11

Jerk: Work up to a heavy double

2 Rounds:
AMRAP 1 Minute, Rest 1 Minute:
Box Jumps
Pull Ups

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