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Your Own Avocado Tree

By admin | In Health & Lifestyle, Rest Day | on August 19, 2012

The avocado is amongst the top five of my favorite foods. It can dress up a salad, impersonate a key lime pie, make any burger gourmet, and is a prerequisite to any bbq in the form of guacamole. However, at almost $2 a pop, it can add up quickly. Plus, it’s almost impossible to go to the store in a pinch and get a perfectly ripe one. Most of the time, you have to brown bag them and peek every couple of days to make sure you don’t miss that perfect window.

As luck would have it, we live in perfect avocado growing weather. This article, from Inhabitat.Com, goes into how to plant your own avocado tree from a pit. While it doesn’t guarantee that your tree will be fruitful, I figure it’s worth a shot! In a nutshell, here are the steps:

Courtesy of Inhabitat.com

  1. Clean and remove pit
  2. Locate which end is “up” (The skinny end of the avocado is up)
  3. Pierce the bottom with 3-4 toothpicks and place half submerged in a cup of water.
  4. Taproots will come from the bottom end and a sprout from the top.  When the sprout is 6″ long, pot in soil.

Check out the full article for detailed instructions, photos, and troubleshooting.  I plan on planting one in the near future and I’ll post photo updates of it.

Rest Day 08.19.12

Buy an avocado.
Plant seed.

One Comment to "Your Own Avocado Tree"

  • Michael H says:

    August 20, 2012 at 9:34 AM -

    It really works, we were able to grow one however slacked off and stopped watering it :(

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