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Youth Weightlifting Class & Nutrition Challenge Info

By Sean | In Challenges, Kids, Nutrition, Olympic Weightlifting | on January 6, 2014


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard athletes say something to effect of, “If only I’d learned this when I was younger,” eluding to the fact that young minds and bodies typically learn at a much more rapid pace than their adult counterparts.  This idea rings true with movement just as much as it does with learning language, math, or any other information.  Just about all of you have exposure to CrossFit and have some experience with the Olympic lifts the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, and can probably empathize with the, “If only I’d learned this when I was younger,” statement mentioned above.

For this reason, and many others, we are excited to begin offering Youth Weightlifting classes at least once per week.  Our approach to teaching Youth WL will follow this progression:  focus first on learning the important positions in the sport of Weightlifting;  learn the transition between one position to the next; and finally, challenging students who demonstrate control and consistency with resistance (weighted bar).

The idea that children should avoid resistance training is out-dated and, frankly, inaccurate.  Research has shown that exposing children to compound, full range of motion movements not only improves their physical development but their mental development as well.  At the gym that teaches the CrossFit Kids certification, they routinely hold study halls post workout because the brain is in a state to store and recall information more effectively.  Although the Youth WL class will focus more on learning the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, the final part of the class will vary between conditioning, flexibility, and other relevant areas geared towards enhancing your children’s development.  However, one of the major differences between our CF Kids and the Youth WL classes besides the obvious, is that the class will not conclude with a “game”.

Youth Weightlifting classes will run no longer than 45 minutes, are currently limited to 6 children, and are open to children 8 years old and above (younger children will be accepted on a case by case basis). At this time Youth WL classes will be held at either 4pm or 5pm depending on coaches’ availability, so be sure to check the schedule as we’ll keep it as up to date as possible. To stay current with the latest CF Kids and Youth Weightlifting information here at Intrepid, please contact myself or Ruth, and we’ll add you to our email distribution list. This week’s class is scheduled for Friday at 4pm, so please sign up your child and take advantage of our new program by following this link!

Our CrossFit Kids and our Youth Weightlifting programs will share a membership, so an unlimited membership ($100/month) or a 10-class punch card ($120/$150) will apply for both classes.  Also, for those of you with multiple little ones you have the option to share a punch card between them.  Contact Ruth or I with any questions regarding our CrossFit Kids or Youth Weightlifting programs.

2014 Nutrition Challenge Details:

  • The duration will be only 60 days this time around!  Strict Whole 30 the first month (mandatory), and reintroduction the second month.  Entry fee of $85, which covers both dunks, must be paid before Monday 1/13.
  • The Body Fat dunk, before and after, are mandatory – 1st Dunk on Mon, Jan 13th (sign-up at gym on time sheet)
  • Food logs will be required, details to come (mandatory)
  • For the final 30 days, meals should still follow a Good Food template, but you are encouraged to experiment with reintroduction of foods — no binges, though! (mandatory)
  • Marcus will be holding another free Q&A session this Saturday, the 11th, immediately following the Strongman workshop.
  • In the meantime grab a Nutrition booklet from one of the coaches and check out the Whole30 site for more information on the guidelines for the first 30 days of the challenge

WOD 1.06.14
Back Squat 5-5-5

8 Pull Ups
8 Burpee Pistols (4 per leg)
8 Box Jumps

*A burpee pistol is a burpee followed immediately by a pistol. No jump is required between burpee and pistol. You may land on one leg in the bottom of a pistol if you choose, or you can stand up from your burpee and then perform a pistol.

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